Taobao sex underwear welfare picture

Welfare pictures of sexy underwear on Taobao

Taobao is one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China and a shopping paradise.Here, you can find various types of sexy underwear of various types and styles.However, in the shops of many sexy underwear merchants, you can see some so -called "welfare pictures". What are they?

What is the welfare picture?

The so -called "welfare picture", as the name suggests, refers to some more sexy elements in the pictures that show the sexy lingerie, so as to attract people’s attention.These elements may be some small and fresh forests, literary and artistic fan, glue legs and so on.These pictures are usually placed on the homepage, activity page, WeChat public account of sexy underwear merchants to attract more guests.

What benefits can welfare pictures bring?

In the intense malls, sexy underwear merchants need to constantly tap new marketing strategies.Welfare pictures are a powerful weapon.First of all, these pictures can enhance guests’ favorability of stores and products, and increase the desire to buy by guests.

Risks and problems brought by welfare pictures

Some merchants are too pursuing the effects and views of welfare pictures, and use some pictures of sexy underwear and sexy elements, which does not violate Taobao regulations.However, if the presentation of these pictures is too humble, it may not only cause some people’s resentment and dissatisfaction, but even violate the moral bottom line of some people.This may adversely affect the reputation of merchants and customer viscosity.

Regulations and restrictions on Taobao platform

In fact, Taobao has some regulations and restrictions on the pictures and descriptions of sexy underwear.For the display pictures of sexy underwear, according to Taobao’s regulations, mosaics must be added to pants or socks to protect privacy; for description, vulgar language is not allowed, and some pornographic content must not appear.Although these regulations are not clear, we can see from it that Taobao has restrictions on marketing methods and content of sexy underwear.

How to market sexy underwear?

If the merchant wants to market sexy underwear on Taobao, then some precautions need to be kept in mind.First of all, merchants need to fully investigate customer base and market demand, and formulate product display strategies according to customer preferences and needs.Secondly, merchants need to expand their influence through good word -of -mouth and vertical recommendations, rather than simply rely on welfare pictures and sexy elements to obtain traffic.

How do consumers discern high -quality sexy underwear merchants?

For consumers, it is important to distinguish high -quality sexy underwear merchants.First of all, consumers can understand the details of merchants’ services and after -sales through the trading evaluation of the Taobao platform and store scores.Secondly, consumers can find the reputation and credit of merchants through search engines to see if there are other guests’ evaluation and feedback.


In short, welfare pictures are not the only way for sexy underwear merchants to succeed. Good service, conscience prices, art shooting and innovative marketing strategies are equally important.From the perspective of consumers, buying sexy underwear cannot be attracted by those sexy welfare pictures, and it should pay more attention to the reputation and quality of the brand. Only in this way can we go further and further on the road of sexy underwear.

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