Tear my sexy underwear novels


I watched myself in a newly bought sexy underwear twisting in front of the mirror.This is a black lace underwear, which is connected to the bead chain, and the hem is slightly gathered, just covering the hips.I decided to give my boyfriend a special surprise, this is the first time we have tried this since we were together.


He came to my apartment and was attracted by my breath as soon as he entered the door.His desire flashed in his eyes, and he surrounded my waist from behind me and kissed my neck.


I moved a step back and showed my underwear.His eyes became bright, and sliding through my back with his fingers to touch the lace, it looked very enjoyable.


We took off the clothes on each other. At this time, he saw that I was wearing the full picture of this sexy underwear, and he was obviously attracted.I am glad that I made this surprise because it was really eye -catching.


I am grateful for this sexy underwear because it enhances my confidence.Wearing it, I feel very sexy and beautiful. This feeling makes me feel attractive.


Under this set of interesting underwear, he and I are closer.We rarely touched each other like this and kissed each other. Now we will be more intimate, and he will perform more affectionate to me.

Sex life

This set of sexy underwear has added some stimuli to our sex life.He was even more urgent to my kiss. His fingers passed through this set of underwear and kneaded my breasts.We enjoyed a orgasm together.


In short, this time the attempt was very successful, and my boyfriend also showed great satisfaction.This set enhances my self -confidence, increases our intimate relationship, and makes our sexual life more exciting.I strongly recommend that all women try to wear sexy underwear.This is a way to enhance the charm of women, and it is also a good way to add fun to you and your lover.

The greatest feeling

I wear sexy underwear and feel my strong feminine charm, making sex more interesting and more pleasant of our intimate relationship.If you have not tried to wear sexy underwear, you will ruin your sexy and charm.Therefore, I strongly recommend that all women try it, which is definitely a worthwhile experience.

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