Taobao sex underwear is disgusting

Taobao sex underwear quality is worrying

Taobao is full of various erotic lingerie, which is cheap, but the quality is worrying.Many sellers not only do not provide the fabric materials of the product, but also conceal the weight and size of the goods.Such dishonest behaviors not only deceive consumers, but also may cause harm to their health.

The size is not standard, and it is easy to buy the wrong number

The size of many erotic clothing is not standard, and there may be huge errors in the same size.Even if you buy the correct size of underwear, it is easy to be unfinished when wearing.This is also a big problem of Taobao sex underwear.

The color difference problem causes a headache

The lights and backgrounds of the sellers on Taobao’s shooting products are not uniform, and the personal computer display factors, etc., causes a lot of color differences in online shopping underwear.And most of the comparative photos of sexy underwear shops will be filters, maybe what we see is not real colors.

The details of the details are not high

Detail processing is a part that cannot be ignored in sexy underwear, which directly affects the comfort and visual effects of underwear.However, in Taobao’s sexy underwear, many shops are not perfect in details. They often have problems such as line heads and samples, making the underwear feel more rough.

Violation and vulgar design flooding

The design of some Taobao sex underwear shops is very vulgar and illegal, which violates relevant regulations and moral norms.For example, excessive emphasis on cleavage, exposing women, etc. This design not only does not pay attention to life and health, but also affects moral fashion and family ethics.

Low service awareness

Taobao sex underwear shops have low service levels. Many stores lack a good attitude, and the attitude is lacking in processing and objective justice when disputes.This makes consumers very dissatisfied, and also reduces the reputation of the store.

The risk of privacy leaks exists

Some Taobao sex underwear shops and after -sales staff do not have a clear job responsibilities, and it is easy to leak customers’ private shopping information.In this case, it may affect consumers’ privacy and security.

The return and exchange is difficult, and the after -sales problem needs to be improved

Taobao sex underwear’s return and exchange policy is more complicated than other category products.For sellers, regulatory policies are stricter, which also brings some difficulty.But for consumers, there are many inconveniences.Some merchants are not professional in the after -sales service, resulting in consumers with a very complicated problem.

It takes patience to find a reliable shop

It is not easy to find a reliable store to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.We need to understand the credibility and strength of the merchant through various channels, check and evaluate and carefully check the relevant documents (such as business licenses, quality inspection reports, etc.).Only in this way can we choose stores with reliable quality, moderate price, and good reputation.

Overall, Taobao sex underwear is not a good choice

Although there are many types of Taobao sexy underwear and affordable prices, we have to say that in the above -mentioned problems, we have to say that Taobao sex underwear is not a good choice.Although many stores are really excellent, the irregular behaviors of many sellers have also had a bad impact on the entire industry, bringing unnecessary trouble and trouble to consumers.We need a more standardized and perfect regulatory system in order to allow Taobao sex underwear to better serve consumers.

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