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What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a underwear designed specifically for enhancement, changes or emphasizing sexy and romantic feelings.They are usually more sexy and irritating than traditional underwear, and often use transparent materials, lace, silk, leather and other materials to increase visual attractiveness.Interest underwear includes sexy bras, underwear, suspenders, conjoined clothes, tights, stockings, chest stickers, etc., which can be used in sex scenes or daily life.

Are men and women suitable for sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is not just the exclusive to women.Men can also wear sexy underwear to increase the sexy atmosphere.Men’s sexy underwear usually includes sexy underwear, bikini pants and suspenders.Men can also wear accessories such as leather or net socks to enhance sexy atmosphere.

Will sex underwear improve sexual quality?

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Wearing erotic underwear can indeed increase the stimulus and fun in sex.When you are involved in the interaction of sexy underwear with your partner, you can improve your emotional experience and sexual satisfaction.However, wearing erotic underwear does not necessarily directly affect your sexual quality.Any sexual experience requires the joint efforts of both parties.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

Consider your personal preferences and physical characteristics when choosing sexy underwear.Different styles and materials are suitable for different people.For example, if you want to increase the charm of the chest, you can choose sexy bras with thickening and curved design.If you want to increase the sexy feeling of abdominal lines, you can selectively sexy lace tight underwear.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly?

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to properly wearing posture.First, ensure that the size is appropriate.Not enough size will affect your comfort and visual effect.Secondly, understand how to wear and match erotic underwear correctly.For example, how to properly match underwear, bra and sling.Finally, pay attention to maintenance to avoid excessive posture, so as not to be damaged by sexy underwear.

How to wear sexy underwear in work occasions?

When wearing a sexy underwear, make sure the occasion is suitable.Wearing erotic underwear on work may affect your professional image.It is recommended to wear more conservative and decent underwear in the workplace, and leave sexy underwear to private life.

How to buy sexy underwear?

When buying sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a reputable professional sexy linger shop or website to buy, and pay attention to buying regular brands and high -quality materials.Consider your personal preferences and physical characteristics, and choose a sexy underwear that meets your needs and economic strength.

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How to match sex underwear?

You can refer to your personal taste and needs when matching sex underwear.Generally speaking, it can be matched according to the aspects of sexy, color, texture, material, etc.For example, you can choose a strong pendant stockings with a sexy chest, or tight -fitting jackets such as leather and other materials.

Falling underwear is not suitable for everyone. How can I find a sexy style that suits them?

Sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone, and it takes some time to choose the right sexy style.You can start from your own personality, gender, body shape, skin color, preference, etc., try more sexy underwear of different design, materials and colors, and slowly find the sexy style that suits you.


Although sexy underwear can increase the stimulus and fun of sex scenes, not everyone needs or suitable for wearing sexy underwear.Selecting and matching sexy underwear requires careful consideration of personal needs and physical characteristics, and do not blindly follow the trend or pursue praise from others.What suits you is the best.