Shu Qi is out of version sexy underwear catwalk show

Shu Qi is out of version sexy underwear catwalk show

Shu Qi is out of version sexy underwear catwalk show

As a model and actor, Asian goddess Shu Qi has a high position in the underwear show.In her career, she had wearing many enviable erotic underwear.Among them, she was the most eye -catching on the out -of -print erotic underwear wearing at Shanghai Fashion Week in 2008.Let’s review the appearance of this underwear together!

brand introduction

The brand of this sexy underwear is named Agent Provocateur, a sexy underwear brand from the UK.Founded by two princess -level women, the brand is committed to creating a sexy and unique design. Each underwear has a celebrity style and avant -garde element.Its designers even come from famous musicians and fashion designers, including David Bowie and Kate Moss.

Sexy lingerie style

Mens Zebra Sexy G-String – 7272

The style of this out -of -print erotic underwear is "Vintage Bow (retro bow)", which is one of the brand’s masterpieces.The entire underwear is made of a number of lace lace, covering comfortable pink mesh.On both sides of the underwear are also equipped with overlapping bows, making the entire underwear more sexy and charming.

Fabric introduction

There are two types of fabrics of this sexy underwear: lace lace and mesh.Lace lace is often used in underwear design, it is soft and comfortable, and has a sexy texture.The mesh cloth can provide good breathability that allows the skin to breathe, while maintaining the lines of the liquid.

Shu Qi’s performance

Shu Qi has always been the goddess of underwear. She not only has an iconic figure, but also has a different temperament.In this catwalk, she exudes a strong self -confidence and charm, showing this out -of -print underwear to be wonderful and very charming.At the same time, she also generously showed the design of all underwear to the audience, which not only increased the artistic value of underwear, but also penetrated the audience’s understanding and appreciation of underwear.


This time Shu Qi was wearing Agent Provocateur sexy lingerie in 2008 Fashion Week.The Fashion Week at that time was held in Shanghai and was the highest event in the Chinese underwear industry.And this out -of -print underwear is one of the masterpieces of Agent Provocateur, which is a miracle in the fashion industry.

Price positioning

As one of the masterpieces, the price of this underwear is naturally very expensive.Its price is about $ 5,000, which makes it a good heart that many sexy underwear enthusiasts chase, but it also makes many people daunting.

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Influence of underwear

After the appearance of this lace lace sexy underwear, it immediately attracted countless attention, becoming one of the hot topics in the history of underwear, driving the growth of the global sex lingerie industry.At the same time, this underwear has also made the Agent Provocateur brand more watched and respected from all over the world, and has been appreciated and worshiped by countless idiots.

The role of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has become an important fashion element in modern women’s lives.It not only adds sexy and charm to women, but also more importantly, it enhances women’s self -confidence and pursuit of fashion.In modern life, sexy underwear has become a popular attitude and lifestyle.

Significance and value

The appearance of sexy underwear is not just a simple fashion element. It represents the concept of sexual freedom and women’s rights. It emphasizes women’s personality and self -confidence, and promotes women’s freedom and independence.In the 21st century, sexy underwear has become a symbol of female identity and has important value and significance.


The retro butterfly knot of this agent project of Shu Qi is a classic in the underwear industry and a milestone in the design of the underwear design.Under the presentation of this underwear, we can see the beauty and sexy of women’s bodies, and we can also see the culture and thoughts behind the sexy lingerie.Therefore, sexy underwear is not only a manifestation of beauty, but also a symbol of culture and thoughts.And this is also an important value for sex underwear to express.