Kiss play novel fragment sex underwear young woman

Kiss play novel fragment sex underwear young woman

Kiss play novel fragment sex underwear young woman

Sex underwear has a mysterious and sexy charm for women.Today, let’s talk about the story of the young woman who plays the young woman of sexy underwear.In the story, the young woman wore a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, which aroused great interest from the actor.

The first scene: black fluorescent sexy underwear

For the first time, the actor was attracted by the black fluorescent sex underwear on the young woman.This underwear uses high -quality lace fabrics and adjustable shoulder strap design, showing the graceful curve of the young woman to the fullest.The actor is also deeply attracted by this color and shape.When the two people kissed passionately, the underwear made the young woman look more sexy and charming.In the darkness, the fluorescent effect is doubled, so that the actor is completely immersed in it.

Second scene: red lace sexy underwear

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When I met for the second time, the young woman changed another set of erotic underwear.This time she was wearing a red lace underwear, which set off her skin -like fair.What makes the actor’s heart move is that the small ribbon design on the underwear has increased the dynamic of the young woman.When the two kissed, the actor couldn’t help but taste this experience carefully.Red lace sexy underwear, at this moment, became a testimony of the relationship between the two.

The third scene: lace hollow and fun underwear

When I met for the third time, the young woman put on a chic sexy underwear again, this time it was a lace hollow design.This underwear shows the skin of the young woman more, and the exposed parts bring the extreme stimulus to the actor.When the passion kissed again, the actor felt a distinctive feeling.Although it is a small point of hollow, it makes the young women more sexy and make the heart feel more strong.

The fourth scene: lace three -point sexy underwear

During the fourth meeting, the young woman showed her graceful figure with a new three -point sex lingerie.Underwear and that sexy stockings make the body proportion more prominent.The actor is completely immersed in this visual stimulus, making it more intense when kissing.This three -point erotic underwear has become one of the symbols of the charm of young women.

Fifth scene: purple candy sexy underwear

When I met the last time, the young woman chose a rare candy pornographic underwear. This purple color adds a mystery of sexy underwear.The material of the underwear is also unusual, making the figure of the young woman more prominent.Under the stimulus of the sensory, the actor was even more deliberate and passionately kissed.


Interest underwear is indeed mysterious and sexy attractive for women.Whether it is black, red, hollow, or three -point design, sexy underwear is a tool for showing various curves and beautiful lines of women.At the same time, these sexy sexy underwear has also become a bond of two people’s emotions.Trying different sexy underwear may strengthen the feelings of two people and make love longer.