Where is the sexy underwear is famous

Where is the sexy underwear is famous

As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear can not only meet the basic wear needs of women, but also show the unique beauty of women through various styles of design.So, what places are particularly famous globally?This article will introduce you.


As the world’s largest underwear market, the United States has a very deep heritage in terms of sexy underwear.Different from the sexy underwear in other countries, it is mostly sexy. The sexy underwear in the United States pays more attention to design and style, which meets the different aesthetic needs of more women.American brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, etc. have high popularity.


The sexy underwear market in Japan is also very prosperous.The Japanese brand’s sexy underwear is very cute in design, and also takes into account sexy factors.Its unique style and material are loved by young women.The representative brands include Peach John, Ungrid.


French sexy underwear brands take care of sexy and elegance in design.Its rich colors and high -quality materials show France’s unique interest culture.Brands such as AUBADE, Chantal Thomass, etc. are often regarded as representatives of global sexy lingerie.


With the gradual opening of domestic and interesting concepts in China in recent years, China’s sexy underwear market has gradually expanded.Many domestic brands such as Causeway Bay and VIV & Lul have gradually emerged.At the same time, there are more innovation and attempts in localized design and material use.


British sexy underwear style is more conservative than other countries, but its quality is very good.The British brand’s choice of styles and materials pays attention to quality and practicality, reflecting the simple style advocated by the British.Among the British brands, Agent Provocateur has always won the favor of consumers with exquisite design.


Italy’s sexy underwear has also attracted much attention.In design, Italian brands are good at integrating fashion and sexy, showing a unique style.Its choice for materials and color is also very creative.Brands such as La Perla and Intimissimi have global influence.


Germany’s sexy lingerie brands focus on simple and practicality in design. Most of their styles are constructed with simple lines and classic colors.Brands such as Triumph, Schiesser, etc., are often regarded as brand representatives with high quality and practicality.


Australia’s sexy underwear focuses on highlighting women’s independence and freedom, and the styles of major brands are diverse.At the same time, the products and craftsmanship of many underwear brands in Australia are exquisite and cost -effective.Brands such as Bendon, Pleasure State and other household names.


Canada’s sexy underwear has a variety of styles and unique design.The Canadian brand focuses on creating a perfect combination of fashion, practicality and sexy. Its material is diverse, and the consideration of women’s bodies is also very detailed.Among them, brands such as La Vie En Rose and Montelle Intimates are very popular.


Brazil’s sexy underwear is mostly sexy, iconic stability and antioxidant performance.At the same time, the choice of materials is relatively simple, focusing on showing the beautiful curve of women’s body lines and skin.Among the Brazilian brands, Agent Provocateur, Sloggi and other prestige.


In summary, the pursuit of sexy underwear is different globally, and each country and each brand have their unique cultural value and market vitality.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose according to your personal preferences and needs, and choose the best style that suits you.

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