Little Tu Welling underwear shake

Little Tu Welling underwear shake

Interest underwear is a unique design and sexy underwear, which can increase the taste and fun between couples.Today, I am going to introduce a underwearist -Xiao Tu. She has a unique taste and is even more ingenious in dressed. Let’s find out today.

classic style

Classic styles have always been loved by sexy underwear culture. The recommended styles recommended by Xiao Tu are generally black or red sexy lace underwear suits. These two classic color matching have always been sexy underwear.goddess.

Sexy vest

It is essential to wear a sexy vest to put on underwear, especially in summer, a vest that suits you not only can increase your body proportion, but also make you feel comfortable.The recommended style recommended by Xiao Tu is a camisole vest that can be competent for various occasions. If you want to increase sexuality, you can also choose hollow or perspective models.

Erotic underwear

Interesting underwear can strengthen the interests between couples. The recommended style of Xiaomi is sexy briefs or T pants. These two can not only highlight your beautiful legs and hip curves, but also suitable for various erotic underwear, such as belly pocket underwear, exposed buttocks, exposed hipsUnderwear and so on.


Stockings are an important part of sexy underwear, and its appearance can add more charm of sexy underwear.The recommended style of Xiaotu is the middle cylinder black stockings. This stockings are durable and not deformation, soft and comfortable, and can make your leg lines look longer.

Perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is one of the more special styles in sexy underwear. It is characterized by the perspective effect to make you show sexy and mysterious sense.Xiao Tu recommends a pattern and perspective underwear. This underwear has not only the perspective effect, but also has a unique pattern, allowing you to wear your own unique style.

Belly pocket underwear

Belly pocket underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. With its unique design style and sexy way of dressing, it becomes the world.Xiao Tu recommends black or red bellyband underwear. These two colors can make you look more sexy visually. With suitable underwear and perspective stockings, it is definitely an unparalleled sexy experience.


When choosing a sexy underwear, matching is also a very important step. The recommended matching method of Xiaotu is based on the same color matching. For example, the combination of black underwear and black see -through stockings makes you look more coordinated and sexy.

Sexy underwear maintenance

Interesting underwear maintenance is also very important, and the correct maintenance method can make underwear more lasting.The recommended maintenance method recommended by Xiao Tu is to clean it with warm water and professional cleaning solution, rub it gently with your hands and then dry it. It is best not to use the washing machine for cleaning.

Sexy confidence

Finally, the purpose of wearing a sexy underwear is to increase the fun and interaction between couples, but also to make you more confident and beautiful.In general, wearing erotic underwear is not only an experience, but also an attitude. I hope everyone can have a sexy and confident temperament.

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