What if stockings do not wash and have fun underwear

What happens if stockings do not wash and have fun underwear?

Sexy underwear is a symbol of beauty and confidence in modern women, while stockings are an important part of sexy underwear.However, when you washed the sexy underwear, did you ignore the stockings?This article will introduce what problems will bring in stockings.

First of all, we need to be clear that stockings are rich in elastic fibers.If these fibers are not washed for a long time, they will be blocked by dirt, causing stockings to loosen, and it is easy to lose the original elasticity and tightness.This will make your leg outline look not beautiful enough.

Stockings do not wash will affect the wearing experience

If you don’t wash your socks, after a while, you feel that you will be very different from new stockings.Stockings will become sticky, loose and uncomfortable, and it will be uncomfortable to wear.For women, it affects the wearing experience very much.

If not washing stockings, it may damage the skin

Stockings that are not washed for a long time will produce a bacterial environment and will cause some stimulation to the skin.Itching and allergies may occur in the skin, and skin problems such as eczema may occur in severe cases.Therefore, we recommend cleaning in time after wearing stockings to avoid the risk of skin injury.

Stockings do not wash will cause odor to produce

The feet are sweaty, and stockings are the barrier between the body and the shoes.If you do not wash your socks, it will become very dirty, breeding bacteria and odor.In addition, the stockings themselves absorb a lot of shoes and feet sweat, which will cause the odor of stockings.

Stockings do not wash will affect hygiene

Interest underwear is a very important part of women’s lives, and stockings are one of the indispensable components.If you do not wash your socks for a long time, it will affect your private parts.Bacteria breeding can cause itching, odor, allergies and other problems.Therefore, after each use of sexy lingerie, we should clean it in time to maintain hygiene.

Not washing stockings will make the color darker

Many stockings are colored. Different colors of stockings require different washing methods, water temperature and laundry.If you do not clean up the socks in time, the color will deepen, and it will easily change the overall color of the stockings for long -term without cleaning.This also affects the beauty of stockings.

Not washing stockings will affect the life of stockings

If you do not clean the stockings for a long time, the fiber in the stockings will harden and fragile, lose the original elasticity and gloss, which will greatly shorten the life of stockings.In addition, the erosion of dirt and bacteria can shorten the life of stockings.

Wash more after a day to make stockings longer

We recommend that we clean one day after wearing stockings, and keep the stockings cleaning and drying, we must do sunscreen work.In this case, we can make the life of stockings longer.

in conclusion

Do not wash socks to bring a lot of problems, such as loose stockings, sticky, uncomfortable, damage to the skin, etc.In order to maintain your personal hygiene and physical health, we recommend cleaning up in time after using stockings, and pay attention to the sunscreen work of stockings. This can make stockings more beautiful and comfortable, and extend the life of stockings.

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