Taobao’s very popular sexy underwear model

1 Introduction

As a special clothing, sexy underwear has always attracted much attention.On Taobao, there are also many sexy underwear shops and models.Among them, some sexy underwear models are very hot and become Internet celebrities on Taobao.Below, let’s take a look at these sexy underwear models and their charm.

2. Sweet and pleasant young lady

The younger sisters are sweet and have a sweet temperament, and it is very pleasant to wear sexy underwear.They are usually petite and exquisite, and wearing transparent sexy underwear is even more fascinating.Miss Li Feifei, the stunner planet store, is the representative of it.

3. Ganbian and beautiful long legs

Wearing a sexy lingerie with long legs is particularly flavorful.This kind of sexy underwear model is mostly graceful and beautiful beauty, tall and long legs.Several models in the names of the love name are this style.

4. Sexy and charming charming girl

Some girls rely on their body hardware, but their sexy charm and charming atmosphere.Their sexy lingerie is bolder, and they are also heartbroken.Xia Chiao in the underwear shop in the innocent era is such a sexy underwear model, which has attracted the attention of countless men.

5. Great Trek Goddess

The busty beauty wearing a fun underwear is even more unruly.More and more goddesses have begun to make sexy underwear models on Taobao. For example, the pig girls in Zuo’s sexy underwear shop, their perfect figure and busty are even more forgotten.

6. The queen of black silk

Black silk sex underwear, deep and sexy.The stunning black silk queen wearing erotic underwear, bumpy figures, intoxicated.Annie in the lightweight underwear shop is also a black silk queen. Her sexy and charm are undoubted.

7. Gentle and quiet costume beauty

Wearing ancient coloring underwear, another kind of different style.The gentle and quiet costume beauty is very popular on Taobao.They usually have a deep figure, leaving a deep impression on people.The models in the charm of Dai Xiaoxiao and Xiaolan Lan have interpreted this style to the fullest.

8. Live and cute cute girl

Feel the innocent vitality of the cute girl, and release it in the naughty fun of sexy underwear.They also have a lot of fans on Taobao.A young lady named Oreo in Fiona’s sexy underwear shop is such a cute girl. She is cute and sexy, and has won the love of countless people.

9. Mature and sexy mature woman

Mature women can also wear interesting underwear, and their mature charm is even more unbearable.Their temperament is calm and respectful.And Liu Yan in YH Fun underwear shop is a temperament mature woman, and she shows her charm to the fullest.

10. Hot and sexy hot dance girl

The hot dance girl wears fun underwear. The warm and passionate feeling cannot be described in language.Their sexy and hotness are reflected in their sexy underwear.Lily’s violent Miss Kiki in the underwear shop is a hot dancer who shows the passion, fiery and sexy.


The sexy underwear models on Taobao attract our attention with different charm and style.After wearing fun underwear, they bring us visual and psychological dual enjoyment.Different people have different preferences. Only by finding one that suits you can you make yourself more confident and comfortable.

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