What experience of being worn by a boyfriend in a fun underwear

Boyfriend’s proposal

Not long ago, my boyfriend suggested that he and he tried to buy a new sex underwear he bought.I was a little hesitant at first, but later agreed to his request.

First time

My boyfriend asked me to put on the sexy underwear he bought. This is the first time I wear such underwear.At the beginning, there were some uncomfortable feelings. Some parts were tight, but the bottom pants and the upper were perfectly fit. The whole person looked full of sexy and charm.

Design of underwear

The design of sexy underwear is indeed different from traditional underwear. In addition to the obvious difference between materials and color, the design of the entire underwear is to shape the sexy curve.For example, the bra is added with a thin and tough bracket, which looks deep, full of chest, and the perspective pattern of the mesh eye, which is more full of temptation.

Increased confidence

After wearing sexy underwear, my confidence has increased a lot, no longer shy or dodging.When I walked, I felt gentle and elegant, very feminine.

Boyfriend’s response

My boyfriend was surprised when he saw me, and flirted and kissed even more.I enjoy his tenderness and attention to me, and I feel that the interaction between the two has become more intense and passionate.

Effect of sexy underwear

I started to understand why sexy underwear was so important for the relationship between the two.It not only makes itself more elegant and confident, but also makes the other half more warm and concerned.It allows us to understand and appreciate each other’s bodies better, thereby increasing the tacit understanding and intimacy between the two.

New attempt

It is a good experience with my boyfriend to wear sexy underwear, and we have further tried more types and designs.Every new product has its unique characteristics, which will make our experience more fulfilling and rich.

Details of underwear

Every detail of sex underwear has a positive effect.For example, the length of the strap and clothing can highlight the lines of the waist, and it can also show more figures and beauty.

The texture of the underwear

The material of sexy underwear is usually softer and the degree of personality is relatively high. This will make you feel comfortable and improve the texture of wearing.Of course, this will make the other half feel more at ease and comfortable.

Different experience

The experience of wearing a sexy underwear is very different from ordinary underwear.Different styles of sexy underwear will create different sexy characteristics, and it will keep your temperament and action when you wear it.

My conclusion

In general, wearing sexy underwear is a very positive attempt.It can increase your self -confidence and femininity, increase the intimacy with the other half, and make the relationship between the two deeper and stable.Trying sexy underwear may bring more surprises and colors to your life.

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