What are the sexy underwear in AVs that look good

As a fashion vane of the AV industry, each detail design is highly valuable.Among them, the most reflected personal charm must be a sexy underwear.So in such a fashion circle, what kind of sexy underwear is available in AV actresses?Next, this article will introduce you in detail.

1. Perspective sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear is a visual temptation, but it cannot be simply regarded as dew points, but should emphasize exquisite design and high -quality materials.The perspective part should be based on mesh and even lace materials, while the rest should be close to the body, making the curve of women more charming.

2. Capacity underwear

Capacity underwear is the most design -like design in various sexy underwear, which can create a high -level sexy feeling for women.The focus of its design is that under normal circumstances, clothes look like an overall design, but carefully observing can find different details as the public.The key to the design of the hollow part is to reflect the designer’s ingenuity.

3. lace sexy underwear

Lace is one of the most common materials in the design of sexy underwear.Lace erotic underwear is not only beautiful, but also very textured. The use of lace’s sexy underwear has a more delicate and elegant texture than other materials. Even if you do n’t wear any clothes wearing it, you can feel full of advanced all day at home all day long.feel.

4. Student sister sexy clothes

Student girls have attracted many women to buy them with their "cute" sexy sexy.There are many special designs in the material details. White is the main color and adds some pink colors to the bottom, which increases the sense of softness.

5. Corset -style sexy underwear

The corset -style sexy underwear design is given a high degree of sexy characteristics, and it is a sexy underwear with a strong sense of existence.Its main part is part of the cup, which can show women’s plump upper body, and can also hide some parts that do not want to show, adding a women’s privacy.

6. Children’s Funny Underwear

Tongfu sexy underwear is somewhat similar to the student girl’s sexy underwear, but the design of children’s fun underwear is more impactful.If the design is excellent, it can create a child style but very sexy and cute, very unforgettable, and also strengthens the cuteness and plasticity of women.

7. Irregular tailoring sexy underwear

Irregular tailoring sexy underwear is designed to make sexy more creative.These erotic underwear show different forms of irregular tailoring, which not only highlights the aesthetics of women’s lines, but also enhance their personal nature.

8. Maid -style sexy underwear

Maid -style sexy underwear has attracted a lot of consumers with its diverse colors and shapes.Its color choices are widely selected, from black, white to bright red, and the shapes have changed.The design style of maid’s sexy underwear is very sexy and domineering, showing a woman’s independent beauty and wanton sexy.

9. Soldier -style sexy underwear

Soldier sexy underwear has made it a dark horse in the sexy underwear market with its innovative design and unusual colors.There are some personalized designs, such as neck and wrist straps, winged design, etc., while ensuring independence and creativity, it also enhances the wearableness.


The design of the bellyband -style sexy underwear is relatively gorgeous, highlighting the sexy and beautiful women of women.Its biggest feature is its opening. For women with plump figures, bellyband -style sexy underwear can generously highlight her chest lines, and mysterious sexy is stable and stabilized in the display.

In summary, whether it is perspective sexy underwear, hollowed sexy underwear, or corset -style sexy underwear, it can show women’s unique charm. These underwear are visually attractive, showing women’s sexy, elegant and elegant, andcharming.At the same time, women should choose sexy underwear suitable for their body and personality to show their own characteristics and personality.Female friends are welcome to choose their favorite sexy underwear according to personal preferences and characteristics.

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