What brand is good for sexy underwear stores

Introduce the common brand of sexy underwear shops

If you are a novice who just entered the sex lingerie store, it may be scared by a variety of brands.The following is a common brand that introduces sexy underwear shops, helping you choose to better choose your one.

Victoria’s Secret

Regardless of the brand awareness, design style, product quality, and market adaptability, Victoria’s secrets are the leaders of the sex underwear industry.The customer elements alone occupy the market share of many brands.

La Perla

If you want a very textured sexy underwear, La Perla is a brand worthy of attention.La Perla is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship, high -quality fabric and high -quality lace.

Agent Provocateur

Once, the design of Agent Provocateur is very aggressive, but now they have moved closer to the more traditional design styles.However, it still maintains a certain fashion element and feels quite good, so it is also a brand worth mentioning.


The brand Fleur Du Mal, which has emerged in recent years, has produced very stunning sexy underwear.It is characterized by lace, silk, and metal jewelry, and small accessories such as wrists and earrings on the match are also worth collecting to prepare from time to time.

Frederick ’s of Hollywood

Frederick ’s of Hollywood is a traditional sexy underwear brand. It was established in 1947. Its history is long and once the first choice for the star on the Hollywood red carpet.Their design style is sexy and exposed, suitable for women with independent and confident character.


In the sexy underwear industry, Bordelle’s design is very unique and unique, bizarre and full of fireworks.The gorgeous but complicated details are one of the characteristics of Bordelle’s styling.If you want to try a more bold sexy underwear, Bordelle is the only option today.

Kiki de Montparnasse

Kiki de Montparnasse is a high -end luxury sexy underwear brand, suitable for those who want to enjoy an excellent experience.Its design style is elegant and comfortable, and is loved by celebrities in various countries.


Bluebella is a creative underwear brand with a combination of modern and traditional elements.Their product design is very good, comfortable.If you are a type of sexy and unwilling to be too exposed, you might as well try Bluebella first.


Journelle was founded in 2007 and is a comfortable and sexy sexy underwear brand for women.The coverage is wide, suitable for all kinds of figure and personality.Journelle’s quality is also very good, which can serve people’s daily life well.


The brand introduced above is just the tip of the iceberg in the sex underwear market. They enjoy a high reputation in the society and have also been favored by many women.When buying a sexy underwear, you must choose to choose from your body and temperament, and pre -selected the styles and brands you may need to need to buy your most satisfactory products.It is hoped that the above information and suggestions can help the vast number of sexy underwear consumers.

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