Well -quality underwear quality brands

Well -quality underwear quality brands

Brand background introduction

As a type of sexy pajamas, sexy underwear is increasingly sought after by women.However, in the market, the quality of sexy underwear is uneven, so it is important to choose a high -quality brand.In this article, we will introduce those good -quality sexy underwear brands.


Victoria’ssecret is one of the most famous of sex underwear brands.It has a variety of styles, fashionable design, and high quality.In addition, Wei Mi also produces accessories such as socks and underwear.

Mary Dajia

Mariejo is a brand from Belgium.Its design style is very European and American, and at the same time, the details have high requirements.The brand is more positioned and suitable for women who love exquisite quality underwear.


La Perla is a brand from Italy, founded in 1954.The designers of Rafayina pursue the extreme, and the material choice and design ideas are very delicate.Its product series include sexy underwear, swimsuit and pajamas.

Riomona Lavi

Chantal Thomass is a French brand. It advocates treating sexy underwear as a fashion. The styles launch are very fashionable and avant -garde, and have a strong sense of fashion.At the same time, the brand is also very particular about comfort.

Kevin Claine

Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) is one of the world’s well -known brands. Its fun underwear is mainly based on simple, fresh, comfortable, and natural.The brand is suitable for women who seek simplicity and comfort.

Sally Hanson

Sally Hansen’s sexy lingerie style is very delicate and feminine, especially the design of it, such as lotus leaf edges and lace, can better set off women’s charming figures and are favored by many women.

Pacori poet

Passionata is a brand from France. It has a variety of sexy lingerie styles, from the western swimwear to classic underwear and so on.At the same time, its price is relatively close to the people, suitable for popular consumers.


Aimer is a Chinese brand, and its sexy underwear is very popular in China. At the same time, some stars such as Belle Mingmen are also spokespersons.The brand’s sexy underwear brings together many European and American fashion features, and pink, European style and black and black emotional interest underwear is deeply sought after by consumers.

Leiya Laceygirl

Laceygirl is a brand born in Hong Kong.Leiya is committed to providing Chinese women with sexy underwear suitable for Asia. Its style is mainly comfortable and soft. In addition, its style also has some European and American styles.

Shan Dai

Shan Di is a famous underwear from Taiwan. It is particularly prominent in the field of sexy underwear. Its exquisite style, coordinated colors, moderate prices, and their own special techniques allowed its periodic to launch some sexy underwear design beyond the market.


The above is a brand with good quality underwear. These brands not only have diverse styles, but also have very high quality.When choosing a sexy underwear brand, choose one of these brands that suits you.

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