Wearing a sexy underwear at home was broken into the neighbors at home

Quietly put on a sexy dress

At home, many women choose to put on sexy underwear. At this moment, women will feel different confidence and charm.This is also one of the important ways for many more and more women to create their own beautiful image.

The thrilling moment of neighbors break in

But at the moment of wearing a sexy underwear, there will be danger at any time. For example, by chance, neighbors enter your house. At this time, how should you deal with this emergencies?

Hurry up

First of all, clean up yourself.Put on your daily clothes to maintain a normal image.Then he started to clean up the erotic underwear, put it back to the wardrobe or hide it, so as not to let the neighbors see it.

Don’t panic

At the same time, don’t let your neighbors feel that you are panicked.Try to keep calm and communicate with your neighbors normally, making them feel that you don’t care.

Be polite

When communicating, you must maintain politeness and don’t be too intimate or cold, otherwise it will cause suspicion of neighbors.It cannot be too restrained and must show normal communication.

Pretend to be

If you find that your neighbors see your sexy underwear or other decorations and ask you, try to pretend to be unknown, and don’t give any answers.Try to keep the dialogue in the normal range.

Try to avoid neighbors from entering the bedroom

In order to prevent neighbors from seeing your erotic underwear, especially women who mind people see, you must avoid entering the bedroom. Try to communicate with your neighbors in the living room or other public places.

Protecting privacy is better

From the perspective of privacy protection, it is recommended to put full -featured underwear and other private items in the cabinet, or hide them in some seemingly harmless places to avoid peeping of others.

Strengthen the prevention of the external environment

If you often wear sexy underwear, you need to pay more attention to the prevention of the external environment.Install the anti -theft door, anti -theft window and monitoring equipment to protect your private space and property at any time.


Sexy sexy underwear, let you feel confident and charm at home.However, there will be a situation where neighbors break in at any time, and at this time, you need to deal with it calmly.Pack yourself up and sexy underwear, keep calm and polite, do not associate with your neighbors too intimate relationships, and strengthen the protection of the external environment, so as to better protect your privacy.

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