Hatano Clothing Pleuel

Hatano Clothing Pleuel

As a legendary AV actress who has become a legendary, the sexy underwear of its personal brand has quietly entered the market and has been sought after by many enthusiasts.Let ’s take a look at the different types and characteristics of Hatano’ s fun underwear.

Type 1: Cat Woman Series

The Cat Woman series is the most popular one in Hatano’s fun underwear. It has a high degree of eye -catching. Most of them are designed as a wild cat woman and are very challenging.The main product of this series is a conjoined sexy underwear. In addition to the hinge connecting the sides in front of this conjoined underwear, there is a long silk belt tied together in the back, so that the girls wearing it are sexy and a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit more sexy and a little bit a little bit a little bit more sexy and a little bit a little bit a little bit more sexyBrave taste.

Type two: slave series

The slave series can be said to be the most naked sexy underwear. Most of them are made by some basic leather materials, and they are well known by some special habit.This kind of sexy underwear gives people a sense of seeking power or satisfaction with slavery.

Type 3: Light mature style

Light -cooked style is a relatively mainstream in Hatano’s fun underwear, suitable for women aged 20 to 35.Because its design is relatively mature, it looks very high -end and its practicality is very strong.The light -cooked underwear uses some satin and silk materials, which looks very elegant.

Type 4: Campus series

This series of underwear is suitable for young girls to wear, and the design elements of clothes with more on the theme of campus on the underwear design.Most of the sexy underwear in the campus series is slightly sexy, revealing a strong student atmosphere.Such sexy underwear is suitable for intimate couples, small fresh enthusiasts and other groups.

Type 5: Toys Series

Hatano’s fun underwear and toy series is a relatively special series. Because of its surprisingly unintentional design and fun, most of them are used with erotic supplies.The sexy underwear of the Hobo Wild Clothing toy series is inspired by its innovative toy type, which provides inspiration for the smart underwear that can be used immediately after the battery can be used.

Type 6: Retro Series

The retro series of Hatano’s sexy underwear is dominated by black and gold, and the retro elements are cleverly integrated in it.Most of the style of retro series of underwear biased in cheongsam or robe style. With the upper straps and proper decorations, it can create a sexy effect, suitable for wearing retro -like women.

Type 7: Personalized Series

Personal series of Hatano’s sexy underwear is always different. Try to use a variety of materials, color, and even accidental to create special products.This series of underwear not only pays attention to warmth and sexy, but any one is artistic and unique to express.

Type 8: White -collar series series

Hatano’s Tomo Welling White Collaring Series is a relatively special series. It is facing those white -collar women who are daily work, but they are eager to be sexy.There will be no exaggerated patterns or colors in this series. It is more that the feeling of lace is fixed with some small patterns, thereby creating a gentle and more sexy underwear.

Type Nine: Japan and South Korea Series

The characteristics of the Japanese and Korean series Hatano’s fun underwear are the attention of details and the combination of pattern colors.The Japanese and Korean series are obviously pursuing the fresh and refined route. The materials have quite good comfort, and they are welcomed by young people.

Ten: The latest series

The latest series of Hato Nodes is always to pursue more innovative and excellent quality.For many reasons, this series is currently based on lazy sets and sexy products on the bed.


Most of Hatano’s fun underwear series is mainly black tone, and it is unique and very creative.In addition, each series of Hatano’s sexy underwear has the corresponding user positioning, which can choose one that suits you according to personal temperament and age characteristics.However, before buying Hatano’s sexy underwear, you must first determine the personal shape and preference of your personal, so as to choose your favorite sexy underwear.In general, Hatano’s fun underwear is very good in terms of the influence of the brand and the actual effect.

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