Wearing a sexies for the first time with my boyfriend

Women’s psychology of buying sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special type of underwear purchased by women.It is characterized by sexy, soft and gender.Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more suitable for stimulating women’s self -confidence, showing their most beautiful side at a private moment.Women buying sexy underwear usually take the purpose of exploration, breakthrough, experience, surprise and other purposes.

The reason why men buy sexy underwear

There are usually three reasons for men to buy sexy underwear: first, they want to increase their desires for girlfriends or lover and make them more sexy; second, try to try new and exciting sexual ways; third, express their own to his girlfriendOr love and care of love.

How to choose sexy underwear

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is like choosing ordinary underwear: the key is to find a style that is suitable for your own style.When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of color, material, and style.In terms of color, more sexy colors such as red and black are the most popular; in terms of materials, high -quality fabrics such as lace, linen are good choices; in terms of style, you can consider corset and stockings.

How to learn the quality of sexy underwear

In order to ensure the sexy and comfortableness of sexy underwear, we must understand the material and quality of the material when choosing.The material must be breathable and soft, and it is not easy to allergic to cause allergic reactions.The quality is manifested in the subtleties: the details such as hooks, buttons and other details must be in place.You can choose some brand products, such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, etc.

Where can I buy sexy sheets

Compared with conventional underwear, there are not many purchase channels for sex underwear.You can choose to buy from large underwear stores or adult products, or you can buy it at some online stores.No matter where you buy, you must pay attention to brand and quality.

How to wear sexy underwear more sexy

Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear has higher requirements, and it is necessary to create a more sexy effect.You must choose the right underwear cup and panties size to ensure the reasonable matching of the outer jacket, and the highlights are highlighted.After putting on underwear, add a sexy makeup and hairstyle, with smooth movements to release the charm of the inner women.

Details that cannot be ignored

In the process of wearing sex lingerie, we need to pay attention to some details.Especially in terms of cleaning, you should pay attention to the use of some professional underwear cleaning solution to ensure clean and hygienic underwear after cleaning.Pay special attention to daily maintenance.

Interest underwear is not universal

Although sexy underwear can increase women’s sexy senses, it is not universal.If we cannot satisfy each other in terms of personality, temperament, etc., it is obviously not enough to increase the interests alone.Pay attention to your emotional communication and quality cultivation.

in conclusion

Through the above introduction, we should have a deeper understanding of sexy underwear.Whether it is a woman or a man, if you choose the right, wearing right, and the right underwear, you can add stronger interest, enthusiasm, and excitement to sexual life.Only by being healthy, cautious, and prudent can you truly enjoy the charm of sexy underwear.

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