Taobao store selling sexy underwear pictures review

The challenge about Taobao’s sexy underwear picture review

In Taobao’s sexy underwear shop, picture review is a more complicated problem.Unlike other clothes shops, the style and characteristics of sexy underwear may be "exposed", and it needs to be reviewed at the upload of the picture.This problem often requires the shop owners to spend a lot of time and energy in order to allow their own stores to pass the review.However, even if the review is passed, the store needs to update and replace the product pictures in the store from time to time, otherwise it may be banned because of some new regulations.The following will introduce some picture review challenges that need to be faced when selling sexy underwear in Taobao stores, and provide some possible solutions.

The choice and shooting environment of the model

Interest underwear needs to be worn on the model to better reflect the characteristics, which requires the model’s body and image higher.However, in some cases, the store needs to launch new products in time, but it is difficult to find such models.At this time, it is recommended that the store can consider using virtual models or use real human models common on the market, which can be more convenient to update the picture collection.In addition, you need to pay attention to the camera environment, and you must avoid indecent or other poor shooting conditions.

Photo processing skills

Different picture processing methods can affect the final quality of the photo.Stores should choose some photo processing software or professional applications for processing.You can use some basic adjustment functions, such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color balance to improve the sharpness and visual effects of the photo.In addition, stores should pay attention to their own aesthetic aesthetic views, and maintain the smallest unity to enhance the overall market image.

Picture size and format

Taobao requires uploading pictures of not more than 200 kb.If the picture is too large, it is recommended to use the picture compression tool to reduce the picture volume.At the same time, Taobao also requires that the picture format uploaded by the store must be compressed formats such as ".jpg", ". GIF", ". JPEG" and ".png" in order to load faster.The store needs to pay attention to complying with these regulations to avoid unnecessary problems.

Placement and combination of pictures

It is important to choose pictures with clear, can highlight characteristics and correct angles.Because Taobao recommend products and similar products through pictures, correct placement can help increase the exposure of the product.How to combine pictures is also the key to attract customers.The store can choose different swings, such as different characteristic underwear matching on a model, or with different underwear with accessories.Pay attention to the flexibility of placing, which can make guests feel the enthusiasm and intention of Taobao stores.

Model posture and expression

The temperament and figure of the underwear model are the main investigation factors, but the attitude of the swing is also one of the selling points. This also requires the model to have a certain determination.Emoticons can help explain the characteristics of underwear and make customers pay more attention.Pay attention to avoid too exposed, unruly expressions and gestures, so as not to cause discomfort, so you need to do cautiously for the "vulgar" behavior in the eyes of some people.

Pay attention to the problem of picture quality and light

Light is a key factor that affects the visual effects of the photo. Inappropriate light can cause the photo color to be too dark or too bright.The store should avoid taking photos in the dim light, and can choose some suitable camera environment indoors or outdoors.The problem of picture quality is equally important. Clear picture quality can highlight the details and help the subject matter.For projection material planners, you can try to shoot more numbers and screen the best visual content.

Avoid bad demonstration

In the picture review, the store should avoid showing bad behaviors or pictures in the photo.For example, excessive exposure, special style underwear, etc. can cause the photo review to be passed, and it may cause the buyer’s dislike.We must avoid excessive violence, induction, blood, or inappropriate children in the picture, so as not to violate local regulations and the rules of industries such as zero -zero action before.

Manage picture collection

Manageing the pictures in the sexy underwear shop is a big challenge.The store needs to update the picture frequently to find new buyers, and must follow the relevant provisions of the Taobao platform to manage the picture collection.It is recommended that the store organize relevant pictures of each underwear, such as front, side, and back pictures to gather into a collection, and classify descriptions on the corresponding sample page to facilitate buyers to choose further.In addition, the store can also consider putting the combination of multiple underwear together to increase the exposure.

How to avoid problems caused by infringement of intellectual property

When publishing goods and pictures, the store must respect the intellectual property rights of others.Avoid using other brands of underwear pictures, or publish pictures of other brands in the store without authorization.Change some small details is also an innovative method. This method needs to screen the corresponding pictures for transformation.Comply with the provisions of intellectual property rights can make the stores not be held accountable by the platform, and then develop stable in the broad e -commerce world to avoid flooding gaps.


Different stores may face different challenges, but they can improve the efficiency of picture review and management through some basic skills.Pay attention to some conventional issues, you can better manage your own Taobao shop and attract more customers.In short, choosing the right picture, the correct posture, the appropriate light, the reasonable image, and the compliance, and without violation of the regulations can allow the underwear to solicit more attention in the best state.

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