Wear sex underwear feeding video website

Background introduction

In recent years, a new type of video website has begun to rise in China, that is, wearing sexy underwear feeding video sites.Many young mothers are looking for companionships in this way, gaining attention and earning income.However, this behavior has caused many controversy.

Website content

These video websites are mainly presented by mothers to breastfeed, display and share their motherhood through the camera to earn their income.These videos are divided into two categories. One is to show some live broadcasts in normal clothing, and the other is to display sexual erotic underwear display. The purpose is to attract audiences with visual stimuli.

The impact on public morality

Many people think that this behavior is an impact on public morality, which will affect the healthy growth of children and bring a negative emotional experience to people.

Disclosure of female images

Some people believe that this behavior reflects the discrimination of women for women, and believes that women can only get attention and income through physical charm, which seriously damages the female image.

The way to solve the problem

Although there are controversy in this behavior, the resistance cannot solve the problem. The better method is to establish a higher standard industry self -discipline mechanism, standardize the legality and rationality of this behavior, and supervise these behaviors.

Reasonable industry self -discipline mechanism

To establish a reasonable industry self -discipline mechanism, there must be corresponding rules and standards. For example, the supervision of video content, the qualifications and certifications of website operators, information disclosure and review of the information of listed companies and platforms, website operators and anchors and anchorswait.

Standardize legitimacy and rationality

After establishing a reasonable industry self -discipline mechanism, it is necessary to clearly specify the legality and rationality of these behaviors, such as restricting video duration and content, protecting the privacy and health needs of minors and families, and ensuring the authenticity and permissions of the anchor’s identity.

Regulatory behavior

Another thing that needs to be noted is supervision. The regulatory authorities should strictly deal with behaviors of improper behavior, violations, etc.At the same time, strengthen the training and control of law enforcement personnel and regulators, and strengthen the fairness of law enforcement and supervision.

The dispute will continue

Although there are the above suggestions, it is necessary to prohibit these sexy underwear feeding video websites, or to establish a higher standard industry self -discipline mechanism to regulate in accordance with the law and maintain the public interest and moral bottom line. This controversy still exists.


Although wearing sexy underwear feeding video websites bring people to provide entertainment resources, the impact on minors and public morals must be highly vigilant.Therefore, establishing a reasonable industry self -discipline mechanism and strengthening supervision is an important way to solve this problem.

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