Use the line to make sexy underwear

Use the line to make sexy underwear

Interest underwear is the favorite of modern women. It not only improves the charm of women, but also meets the needs of sexual life.In the sexy underwear industry, the role of the line is very important.Its material and production method can affect the appearance and function of sexy underwear.In this article, I will introduce to you how to use the line to make various types of sexy underwear.

1. Nylon thread with strong stretching force

Nylon wire is a very high stretching force. It not only maintains the softness of sexy underwear, but also has good wear resistance.It is often used for making T -shaped underwear, hollowed bras and other sexy underwear, making these underwear more challenging.

Second, delicate and soft cotton lines

Cotton wire is a commonly used wire, because it is delicate and soft and can fit the body comfortably.Cotton lines are commonly used to make sexy underwear such as chest stickers, lace panties, etc., making these underwear more suitable for daily wear or long -term wear.

3. High -active elastic line

High -active elastic cable is an elastic wire. It has a strong bearing capacity and rebound ability, and can provide additional support and shaping effects.High -active elastic cables are often used to make sexy underwear such as camisole, bodies and other styles, so that underwear has a better shaping function.

Fourth, glue line with excellent telescopic

The glue wire is a sticky wire that can firmly combine multiple fabrics and form an invisible wire.The glue line is often used to make complex sexy underwear, such as lace bra, hollow underwear, etc., so that underwear has a better appearance effect.

Fifth, tough and stable lock line

The lock edge is a tough and stable wire that can keep the cutting edges clear and flat.Locking lines are often used to make sexy underwear of bras, triangular underwear and other styles, making underwear more beautiful.

6. Saton line with strong gloss

The satin wire is a shiny wire. It has a light texture and can be well paired with lace, silk, gauze and other fabrics, making the sexy underwear full of gorgeousness.The satin thread is often used to make sexy underwear with lace bra, silk bra and other styles, making women more charming.

7. High -density elastic wire thread

Stretch wire is a high density wire. It has strong stretching and contraction capabilities, which can well carry the weight of the human body.Plastic wire wire is often used to make sexy underwear such as camisole, leggings, etc., making the underwear close to the body and not easy to fall off.

8. Soft and comfortable Modal Line

The Modal Line is a wire with the advantages of softness, comfort, fast drying, and breathable. It is an environmentally friendly natural material.The Modal Line is often used to make leisure and erotic underwear, such as home clothing and pajamas, so that underwear has better breathability and comfort.

Nine, high -resistant tension special lines

Special line is a wire with high resistance. It has hard materials and special production methods. It can withstand a lot of stretching and stress, and keep the shape unchanged.Special lines are often used to make high -strength, high -quality sexy underwear, such as heavy camisole and high -intensity bra.

10. Conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, the role of the wire is very important.Different wires have different characteristics, and they can affect the comfort, shaping effect and appearance effect of underwear.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you should choose a wire that suits you according to personal needs and preferences.

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