Victoria’s Secret Angels Instead Underwear Pictures

Victoria’s Angels Fun Plasma

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most famous and successful women’s underwear brands.The Victorian Angel is the spokesperson for its brand image. They not only have a first -class model and temperament, but also become the enviable fashion ICON.Victoria’s Secret Angels are the first choice for many sexy women. The following introduces several classic underwear.

Show classic-red underwear

Red represents enthusiasm, sexy, and motivation. Victoria’s Angel will always have a lot of red -colored sexy underwear in the show.For example, in the autumn and winter 2018 Mito Show, the model Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing a red combination underwear to present us a perfect sexy shape.There are also good comfort and dressing feelings.

Elegant and prosperous-lace style

Lace underwear has always been a representative of women’s charm, and the style of lace in Victoria’s Secret Angels is also extremely rich.From simple lace edges to complex patterns and details, each lace underwear exudes infinite elegance and prosperity.Including the well -known Victorian Angel ADriana Lima, pink lace underwear wearing on the show is a typical example.

Sexy retro-corset style

The corset style is another major feature of Victoria’s Secret Angel.Since the advent of lusters in the early 20th century, it has been considered one of the representatives of sexy women’s underwear.In the Victoria’s Secret Show, various types of corset styles often appear, such as soft red corsets, black corsets with strong retro style, etc. Each reflects the unique charm of Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Luxury and noble-diamond style

The diamond style in Victoria’s Angels Instead has always been a representative of luxury, noble and precious feelings.Diamond underwear can not only highlight the body advantage of Vitamin’s secret angels well, but also gives people a sense of luxury and advanced. Even if it is placed in the underwear box, it is a very precious item.The inlaid underwear on the Midi Show in the autumn and winter 2017 is impressive. Many models wear diamonds inlaid underwear to show their perfect curve.

Shunhong glance-see-through style

Perspective underwear is a very attractive style in Victoria’s Secret Angel. It makes women’s figure more exquisitely exquisite through transparent and translucent materials and design.Perspective underwear represents the bold and confident side of women, and it is also a classic choice in sexy underwear.The perspective underwear presented on the show is even more amazing. How to wear a sexy see -through underwear has become a topic of many women.

Dark Trend-Black Style

Black is considered a representative color of sexy, mysterious and advanced sense, and the black sex underwear of Victoria’s Secret Angel has almost become an eternal theme.Black -colored erotic underwear can express the sexy, charm of women and self -confidence in them whether it is matched with shiny diamonds or simple styles.On the Victoria’s Secret Angel Show, many models are wearing black sexy underwear to show a charming sexy appearance.

Low-key luxury-silk style

Silk is a luxurious material, which is soft and smooth, which can bring people like ivory tower -like enjoyment.In the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s sexy underwear, the silk style is also the first choice for many women.Silk underwear includes a variety of styles such as silk bra, silk straps, silk tights, etc. Each one gives people an extreme comfort and soft feeling.

Retro-nostalgic-waist seal style

Waist -seal underwear is another sexy classic style. It uses a retro design to make women’s figure more perfect.Different from the general underwear design, waist -seal underwear can make women’s waistline more slender. Even wearing on dinner and party can make people amazing.In Victoria’s Secret Angel’s sexy underwear, the waist -seal -style underwear is one of the very classic.

Elegant and light-stockings style

Victoria’s Stockings style is also the favorite of many women. They not only make women’s leg lines more perfect, but also bring a elegant and light feeling to the wearer.The stockings style can be paired with any sexy underwear, and it is also an essential item in various sexy clothing.


Victoria’s Angels Instead of Funwear represents the charm of women’s sexy, elegant, and advanced charm.Each sexy underwear has a unique design and style, and different women can also choose the style that suits them according to their preferences.Whether it is sexy, simple or noble and luxurious, every sexy underwear is the essence of Victoria’s Secret Angel.

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