Twin sexy underwear

Twin sexy underwear

When you wear a set of sexy sexy underwear, you will not only feel confident, but also make your other half of water.But if you are shorter than ordinary women, you may encounter some difficulties in choice, because some design may only be suitable for women with tall figures.But if you know how to choose the right sexy underwear, you can also show your sexy charm.In this article, we will introduce you to the precautions for how to choose the appropriate sexual sexy underwear.

1. Choose the right cup

First, choose a comfortable and suitable cup.Some brands will design a fixed cup size for some models, so we must understand this information.For short women, it is recommended to choose A cup or B cup. This size is more suitable for petite women.However, of course, you can also choose a more challenging C or D cup, provided that you should pay attention to the support of the underwear strap and the shoulder strap.

2. Choose a light and thinner fabric

The second point is to choose fabric.For short women, it is recommended to choose a thinner underwear fabric, so avoid choosing sexy lingerie styles with too heavy, dense or many details.This can reduce the sense of meat, so that the figure will not look bloated or uncoordinated.

3. Choose a style that conforms to the proportion of your body

Another important point is to choose a sexy lingerie style that is in line with the body proportion.For short women, we recommend choosing V -neck or U -neck sexy underwear.This type of style can make your neck look more slender, and the waist will be more slender, making your entire body proportions more coordinated.

4. Pay attention to choose the right pants head type

Type type of pants is also an important issue that needs attention.For short women, it is recommended to choose a high -waisted sexy underwear.This type can make your waist look slimmer, and can also modify your leg lines.In addition, the suitable underwear head type can also make your hips look more upright.

5. Choose the right bra style

You need to choose the right bra style, so that you can better highlight your slim figure.For a short woman, we recommend choosing an obvious parcel -type bra.

6. Choose the right material quality

The quality of sexy underwear is also an important factor.First, we need to choose fabrics with good breathability and soft texture.Secondly, the texture of the underwear should be uniform. Do not choose a sexy underwear with defects such as dust, exposed lines, and dislocation of meridians.

7. Avoid too exaggerated design

Also pay attention to details.If your height is not very tall, it is best to avoid choosing those too exaggerated designs.Because exaggeration and coordination are often two contradictory aspects, too complicated design may make the overall effect messy and not exquisite.So we need to choose a simple underwear style to better reflect our figure.

8. Select color and pattern

Finally, we also need to pay attention to color and pattern.The dark tone can make the whole person look more slender. If you intend to try fluorescence or reflective, you can choose to use locally.In addition, small flowers, bow and other pattern decorations are very popular elements. Choosing the good -looking elements will make your sexy underwear more charming.

Viewpoint: For a short woman, selective sexy underwear is an important challenge.But as long as you pay attention to the above suggestions, you can overcome your shortcomings, choose the sexy underwear that suits you best, and let yourself show your charming and sexy.

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