Urumqi sexy underwear shop

Introduction to Urumqi sexy underwear shop

Urumqi is one of the most prosperous cities in Xinjiang and has many sexy underwear shops with different styles.These shops provide a variety of sexy underwear and adult products, which are welcomed by customers.I will introduce you the most popular sexy underwear shop in Urumqi.

1. SIN pornographic underwear shop

The SIN pornographic underwear is located on South Hubei Road, Urumqi. A large number of sexy underwear and adults in the store are dazzling.The store has a unique design style and is specially created for consumers who like luxurious tastes.

2. Happy Time Sexy Lingerie Shop

Happy Time Fun underwear Shop is located in Shaybak District, Urumqi. The shop covers all kinds of charming colors and materials. The selection of the store is very careful, so that everyone in the underwear can feel confidence and beauty.

3. Ai Xiumei Intellectual Underwear Shop

Ai Xi Mei Mei Dynasties is located in Tianshan District, Urumqi. This shop mainly operates products related to sex, including adult toys, sexy underwear, etc.The staff in the store can provide you with the most professional suggestions and services.

4. Orchid sex underwear shop

The orchid erotic underwear shop is located in Shuimi Gougou District, Urumqi. This shop is one of Urumqi’s sexy underwear specialty stores. It has a lot of underwear and adults for customers to choose from.Consumers can buy the most suitable underwear here.

5. Lover’s sexy underwear shop

The lover’s sex lingerie shop is located in Shaybak District, Urumu. The underwear of this shop focuses on the detail design, so that women can enjoy the beauty of elegance and attract more people’s attention after wearing it.In addition, various sex toys and other adults are sold in the store.

6. Hawaii sexual relationship fun underwear shop

Hawaii sexy underwear shop is located in Tianshan District, Urumqi. It is a shop dedicated to exquisite emotional emotional erotic lingerie.Here, you can buy a variety of beautiful and sexy underwear to bring you a different experience.

7. Colorful sexy underwear shop

The colorful sex lingerie store is located in Shaybak District, Urumqi. The name indicates that there are various colorful and unique underwear and other products in the store.In addition, there are various adults in the store to make your sex life more flexible and beautiful.

8. Mengni Wet Underwear Shop

Mengni Wet Lingerie is located in Tianshan District, Urumqi. The clever design of this shop allows women to see their advantages.In addition to sexy underwear, the store also offers adult products from all over the world, adding a lot of fun to your sexual life.


The above is the popular sexy underwear shop in Urumqi. Each shop has its own characteristics and advantages. You can choose a shop that suits you according to your needs.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the right size and style, so as to reflect the charm and sexy of women.

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