Qixi Festival boyfriend gives me sexy underwear

Qixi Festival boyfriend gives me sexy underwear

The Qixi Festival is a more important day in Valentine’s Day. Many couples will give each other gifts on this day to express their love.This year, my boyfriend gave me a messy underwear, which made me very surprised and happy.In this article, I will share my boyfriend’s journey of choosing sexy underwear, and my feelings and experience of wearing underwear.

How does boyfriend choose sexy underwear

My boyfriend introduced me to the process of choosing sexy underwear. The first thing he considers is the style and color I like.He also studied the style of clothes I usually wear to see which styles of underwear will be more suitable for me.In addition, he also checked some websites and forums, learned the characteristics and evaluations of different brands and styles of sexy underwear, and finally selected a European and American -style black erotic underwear.

The style and characteristics of underwear

After careful selection by her boyfriend, this sexy underwear is sexy and elegant. It is made of black lace and silk fabric, which is delicate and chic.The upper installation is designed with a V -shaped collar, with exquisite lace and lace bonding, with slender shoulder straps and straps, highlighting the beautiful back lines.The bottom is made of black silk fabric, with lace edges, highlighting the sexy curve.

Feeling in underwear

When I put on this sexy underwear for the first time, I felt more sexy and confident.This is a new dressing experience, unlike ordinary underwear.Sex underwear pays more attention to external visual effects. It can highlight the curve and body of women, making women more confident and charming.

Underwear comfort and quality

In addition to the sexy appearance, the comfort and quality of sexy underwear are also my concern.I found that the fabric of this sexy underwear is soft and skin -friendly, comfortable to wear; and the workmanship is fine, the details are handled very well, there is no thread head and a ball phenomenon.These quality can ensure the persistence and long -term wearing comfort of underwear.

Share my dress

In addition to wearing erotic underwear, I also slowly try to wear it. For example, I paired with high -waisted skirts and high heels to leave the underwear on the outside, which instantly showed both sexy and stylish.This method of dressing has also been praised and praised by friends and boyfriends.

Falling underwear maintenance

In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear, maintenance and cleaning are also very important.I found that hand washing is the best way to clean, which can avoid wear between underwear and washing machines.When cleaning, pay attention to the selection of temperature and dedicated detergent.In addition, the maintenance of underwear should also pay attention to sun protection to avoid long -term exposure to sunlight and high temperature environment.

Combined with the meaning of Valentine’s Day

The Qixi Festival is a special day for couples to express love.My boyfriend gave me a messy underwear, not only a surprise gift, but also one of the ways he expressed his love.Wearing this sexy underwear, we can experience and feel the love between each other more deeply, and at the same time inject new vitality and passion into our love.

The development and trend of sexy underwear

As a new type of underwear category, sexy underwear has received more and more attention and recognition in recent years.Not only does sales in foreign markets continue to rise, but more and more sexy underwear brands have appeared in the domestic market.In the future, the development trend of sexy underwear will be more diversified and fashionable, and it will also focus on improving comfort and quality.Sex underwear will become a fashionable and sexy endorsement, adding more health, confidence and beauty to women.

In short, sexy underwear is a very special underwear category. It focuses on the perfect combination of sexy and fashion, creating a more beautiful, confident and charming image for women.I am very happy that my boyfriend gave me a sexy underwear. I believe this will also be a wonderful memory on our love road.

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