Underwear Bar Fun Lingerie Shop

Underwear Bar Fun Lingerie Shop

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special female underwear that highlights female charm and reflects sexy charm.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to styling design, color matching, fabric texture and wearing experience.Interest underwear can not only increase women’s self -confidence, but also bring fun and surprise to couples.

Skills for purchasing sexy underwear

To buy the right sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. The size of the size: The size of the sexy underwear is usually relatively small, so you need to choose a size that is suitable for your body to avoid uncomfortable or falling off.

2. Fabric requirements: Fun underwear pays great attention to the material and feel, so you must choose a comfortable, soft, skin -friendly, and elastic fabric.

3. Style selection: Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions, suitable for women of different types of figures.When choosing a style, be sure to choose the most suitable for you, which can highlight both personal charm and actual situation.

Mainstream sexy underwear type

1. Sexual pajamas: The boudoir between men and women can be worn at all times, not more in line with the theme of interest than this pajamas.

2. Sexual bellyband: Women can be part of the sex game, or other costumes such as skirts.

3. Question Swimsuit: There are different styles of sexy swimsuit with different styles such as novel design, colorful, and exposed acupoints, which can meet the different temperament needs of women.

4. Sexual clothes: It is a kind of tight -fitting sexy underwear, suitable for women with slim figures, with charming arcs and streamlined aesthetics.

Fashion sexy underwear must have the characteristics

Fashion sexy underwear should have the following characteristics:

1. Smooth lines: smooth lines, full of curve beauty, can use visual effects to create sexy and elegance.

2. Sexy colors: yellow, red, pink, and black are the most common sexy colors, which can fully highlight the sexy and charm of women and increase mystery.

3. Special fabric: Fabric is one of the key factors that reflect the quality of underwear.Special fabrics are comfortable and beautiful, and will become a model of exquisite sexy underwear.

How to maintain sexy underwear?

In order to ensure the long -term use of sexy underwear, we need to do the following aspects of maintenance:

1. Gently treat underwear: underwear is easily friction and pull, so we must try to avoid strong physical friction and pull, just shoot gently with your hands.

2. Pay attention to cleaning: Choose a mild cleaner. It is best to wash it with your hands to avoid being washed on the balcony.

Selection of sexy underwear shop selection skills

1. Store size: The size of a sexy underwear shop does not mean that sexy underwear styles and small quality, the smaller the scale, but the smaller the scale means that they can pay more attention to details.

2. Buying environment: A clean and neat and good privacy purchase environment allows customers to buy more assured.

3. Professional knowledge: During the purchase process, the sales staff in the store must not only have the familiarity of the product brand, but also understand the characteristics of the underwear materials, the style of the style, and other professional knowledge.

Underwear Bar Fun Lingerie Shop Features

Underwear bar is the leading domestic women’s erotic underwear brand. Through the innovation and matching of colors, styles, and fabrics, women wear more beautiful, more fashionable, more confident, and more comfortable personality trendy underwear.


In summary, sexy underwear is a special female underwear that highlights female charm and reflects sexy charm.When choosing and maintaining sexy underwear, you need to choose the right style and brand according to your size, fabric, etc.Underwear sex underwear shop is a trustworthy sexy underwear brand. It creates more beautiful, stylish, more confident, more comfortable trendy underwear through innovation and matching colors, styles, and fabrics.Provides higher quality underwear options.

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