3 Horns of Instead

What is a 3 -horned sexy underwear?

3 Horner of Funwear is also called T -shaped sexy underwear, which refers to only a narrow thin band -faced sexy lingerie style before and after.Its special design and structure shows people an ultimate sexy and tempting.It can highlight the curve of women’s hips, highlight the beauty of the waist, and fully show the sexy and beautiful lines of women.

3 The Origin of Female Underwear

3 Empoder’s sexy underwear comes from the traditional Chinese clothes in ancient China -exposed hip skirts, which are carried forward in modern European and American sexy underwear.With the development of society and the changes in people’s aesthetic concepts, it is regarded as a sexy representative, becoming a very tempting underwear in family and interesting life.

3 Types of Female Underwear

3 There are many types of corner lingerie, which can be transparent, lace, high -quality silk and so on.For different occasions, personality and aesthetic needs, choosing different types of underwear will be more decent.

3 Selection of Size of Fown Welling Underwear

When selecting the size of the 3 -horny underwear, you should choose according to your body shape to ensure that you can wear comfortably.Too large or too small underwear will affect the sexy effect, and long -term wear can also cause discomfort and unhealthy effects.

3 Matching of Enterprise Underwear

3 The key to the matching of corner lingerie is sexy, fashionable and easy to match.Sometimes you can wear it alone, or you can use other sexy underwear or sexy small objects to create a more perfect effect.Of course, choosing a matching method also needs to choose according to personal preferences and personality.

3 The wearing skills of corner lingerie

Wearing a 3 -horned color underwear requires the size and location.For the position of the underwear belt, you should choose to wear a slightly under the buttocks, and try to make the underwear closely in contact with the skin. At the same time, pay attention to wearing pantyhose to prevent the underwear from physical harm to the flesh.

3 Maintenance of Female Welling Underwear

3 Most of the material of corner underwear is more fragile, and you need to pay special attention to maintenance.Wash warm water hands during cleaning to avoid using high temperature water or too strong detergent.After cleaning, it should be fully dry and stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture or mold.


Because the 3 -horny underwear is unique and sexy and seductive, it is very suitable for wearing in sexual life, interesting life and party.Among the many sexy lingerie styles, it is a very special existence that can give people a strong aesthetic stimulus. It is more important that it feels unprecedented self -confidence and pride.

3 Applicable crowds of corner lingerie

3 The target group of horns of sexy underwear is women, especially women who pay more attention to personal image and perfect sexy experience.It can meet the needs of women of different ages, figures and character, and can find more applications in sex, interesting life, and daily life.And it will always be an area of continuous development and evolution.


In summary, 3 -horned sexy underwear is a sexy and high -level sexy underwear. Its special design and structures fascinate many women.Different materials and styles, carefully matching, and personal characteristics and styles can perfectly show women’s charm and sexy.

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