The heroine wore a sexy lingerie and open legs

The heroine wore a sexy underwear to open her legs, which may be a scene that many men have imagined.However, in reality, the scene of the hostess wearing a sexy underwear is not so simple.In this article, we will explore several aspects of the hostess wearing sexy lingerie, from the type of sexy underwear to matching and precautions.

Choose suitable sexy lingerie styles

When choosing a sexy lingerie style, the female lead needs to consider many factors, such as her figure, preferences, and parts she wants to show.Tips, vests, and lace styles can be considered. These styles make women feel sexy and not too exposed.At the same time, these styles are more suitable for the opening of the legs than other styles.In short, the hostess should choose a sexy underwear style that suits her, which can show her charm and make herself feel comfortable.

Consider your body

The hostess needs to choose the right sexy underwear according to her body.For the small female lead, a set of high -waisted underwear can increase the waistline and make her look taller.For large breasts, you can choose sexy bras with lining, which can better shape the chest lines.For the slim -looking female lead, you can choose a tighter sexy underwear to highlight her figure curve.


When choosing a sexy underwear, the heroine should consider matching clothing at the same time.Interest underwear can be matched with tight clothing, skirts or shorts, making the female lead’s image more sexy.Especially under the posture of opening the legs, we must pay more attention to the matching of sexy underwear and clothing to make the whole look more perfect.

Attention to detail

The hostess should pay attention to the details of the sexy underwear.Details can strengthen visual effects and make wearing more layered.For example, the decoration, patterns, and detail design on sexy underwear can make the female lead more sexy.Of course, too complicated details may disperse people’s attention, so you need to choose cautiously.

size selection

It is very important to choose a size suitable for you. Not only can the female lead feel comfortable, but also highlight the advantages of the figure.Too small size will make you feel uncomfortable, and even affect blood circulation, causing swelling at the bottom.If the size is too large, it will lose the sexy effect of sexy underwear.Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the sexy underwear with the right size.

Suitable occasion

It is not suitable for any occasions to wear a sexy underwear.For some formal occasions or workplaces, wearing too sexy sexy underwear may cause unnecessary attention or embarrassment.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear to wear a leg, you need to distinguish it according to the occasion.

Pay attention to hygiene

It is also important to keep hygiene at any occasion.Especially when wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention to the cleaning of your private parts.It is recommended to choose the material with good cotton or breathability and replace it in time.

Confident and calm attitude

In the end, the most important thing for the female lead wearing a sexy lingerie to open her legs is confident and calm.It can not only further enhance your charm, but also allow you to show yourself more calmly.As long as you keep a positive attitude, try new things and enjoy every moment, you can put on your favorite sexy underwear and enjoy the wonderful posture of opening your legs in the most confident way.

When summing up this article, we can say that the female lead wearing a sexy lingerie is a very sexy and fashionable dress style.It is important to consider many factors, such as style, figure, matching, focusing on details, size selection, etc., and it is also important to maintain a clean and confident attitude.Women can choose sexy underwear and display methods that suits them according to their preferences and situations.

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