The heroine wears sexy underwear to shoot advertisements


Interest underwear has become one of the necessary products wearing modern women.It is no longer just to satisfy the desire of men, women have now begun to try freshness and show themselves.However, letting women wear sexy underwear out of the door and is not accepted by the public. However, when shooting advertisements, the heroine wears sexy underwear can create a vigorous vitality and its own charm.Today, I want to introduce the skills and precautions of the female lead wearing sex underwear to advertise.

Choose the material and style of sexy underwear

The selection and style of the sexy underwear for advertising should be suitable for on -site lighting and the skin color of the heroine.If the theme of the advertisement is on the bed wrestling, then the material needs good elasticity and strong support design, while the gentle and charming scene requires a beautiful and soft dress and lace style.

Pay attention to the size and comfort of sexy underwear

Underwear must be suitable for the size of the heroine, otherwise, wearing this underwear will feel like trouble and difficult to apply.At the same time, underwear must be comfortable, and the heroine can show herself more naturally.

Create an exclusive advertising scene

For different characteristics and styles of sexy underwear, they should be taken for different advertising scenarios.For example, soft lights and large beds can create warm and romantic scenes; some historic scenes need to be suitable for specific clothing and characters.

Need a suitable makeup effect

For the heroine, creating a suitable makeup is also a very important part.The beautification of the facial features and the adjustment of the skin color must be appropriately arranged according to the color of the advertising scene and the overall image of the heroine.

Pay attention to the problem of clothing

Clothing is a symbol of expressing personality and the key to stage performance.The heroine’s clothing needs to conform to the style and characteristics of sexy underwear, and it must be perfectly integrated with the atmosphere of the advertising scene.

Capture the lens of the heroine reasonably

It is best to continue to capture the sexy underwear of the heroine and let the advertisement convey more details and design elements.Coupled with the appropriate enhancement of the lights, the shot pictures are more real and more vivid.

Pay attention to the accuracy of the details layout

When shooting advertisements, you should pay attention to the details, such as the rippling silk on the heroine, and the necklace that swing back and forth.The rationality and focus of decoration should also be considered.

Need an interesting interactive element

Putting the heroine in an interesting environment, such as interacting with animals and interaction of the masses, can create more interesting advertisements.Therefore, sexy underwear is shown in an environment to promote marketing.

Combining music and even animation to create an atmosphere

Adding the embellishment music, or combining 3D and other technologies to compile exquisite animation effects, can present the content of the advertisement and the unique charm of the interesting underwear itself in the distinctive characteristics and dynamic pictures.

in conclusion

The female lead wearing a sexy underwear to shoot advertisements is no longer just a pure display form, but also a highly integrated integration of all aspects.From the selection of materials to the design of the theme scene, from the matching of clothing to the grasp of makeup, to the presentation of details and the creation of interactive elements, they need to move closer to the direction of serving the theme culture.Only when you notice the details of the details and turn every stone all over, in order to show the final perfect picture.

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