The female lead wears sexy underwear movies


In the movie, the heroine wearing a sexy underwear is a widely existence element. It can not only enhance the character image, but also bring a richer visual enjoyment to the audience.This article will introduce the scenes of the heroine in the movie and explore the role of these plots in the film.

Detective Sherlock

In this movie, the heroine Irene Adler wore a set of black erotic underwear in front of Sherlock Holmes. Her sexy and mysterious temperament deeply attracted Sherlock’s.Attention also adds a mysterious atmosphere to the story.

Mission Impossible 4

In this movie, the heroine Jane Carter wore a leather sex underwear when he was doing a mysterious task, showing her bravery and wildness, and also added a stimulus and nervousness to the entire story.feel.

Golden years

In this movie, the heroine Su Li-Zhen wore a very sexy sexy underwear, tempting the actor Chow Mo-Wan, showing her charm and mind, and made the story even more even moreAttractive.

Abstinence game

In this movie, the heroine Anna (Anna) wore a beautiful erotic underwear to show her body and sexy to the leading actor, evoked the strong desire of the actor, and opened the prelude to the story.

007 series movies

In the 007 series, the heroines often wear sexy sexy underwear, which has brought great help to the development of the plot and the image of the character.For example, Lucia SCIARRA wearing black sexy underwear in "007: The Ghost Party" shows her sexy and courageous knowledge in the scene with James Bond.

Black Swan

In this movie, the heroine Nina Sayers wore a white sexy underwear, showing her purity and fragility, and added a soft breath to the entire story.


In this movie, the heroine Natalie, wearing a black sexy underwear, met the actor in a fierce desire, showing her charm and sexy, and also made thisThe story has increased a lot of tension and stimuli.

The role of wearing sex lingerie

In the above movies, the heroine’s plot wearing fun underwear has added richer elements to the movie from different perspectives.They can show the sexy and charm of the heroine, also reflect their bravery and wildness, or give them a soft atmosphere.Through different styles of sexy underwear, the character image is also more complete in front of the audience.

in conclusion

The use of the element of sexy underwear in movies is very common. It can enhance the character image, express the characteristics and emotions of the character, and can also be used to set off the film atmosphere and attract the interest of the audience.No matter what type of movie, sexy underwear plays an important role. It is not only a tool for visual enjoyment to the audience, but also a key element for the image of the heroine.

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