My boyfriend said I want to buy me sexy underwear

My boyfriend said I want to buy me sexy underwear

With the development of the times, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of modern men and women.Between lovers, sexy underwear is the best choice to enhance feelings and increase mood.Not long ago, my boyfriend confessed to me the idea of buying sexy underwear.This surprised me a bit and confused.Like many other women, I also have many issues about sexy underwear.Therefore, before starting to make a decision, I need to figure out something.This article will explore erotic underwear from several different perspectives to help women who have similar doubts better geographically solve sexy underwear, so as to better communicate and choose with their partners.

The first choice of women?

My boyfriend proposed to buy me sexy underwear, but this does not mean that I will automatically agree.What kind of woman is my first question is suitable for wearing sexy underwear.In fact, every woman can wear sexy underwear.Interest underwear is not selected based on your body shape, skin color or personal style.Interest underwear is a kind of wear experience -they can help women better understand their bodies and improve their self -confidence and happiness.Therefore, if you feel that you want some changes, but you don’t know where you start, then sexy underwear is a good choice.However, it is important to choose the right sexy underwear.Because if you don’t wear well, it will make people feel disappointing.

Brand choice

When looking for the right sexy underwear, I will start from the brand.Some brands are better at making sexy underwear than other brands, while other brands may focus on functional underwear or other types of clothing.In my research, I found that many brands of sexy underwear are beautiful, but some brands are better in size, style and quality.In terms of brand selection, I think the brand background, brand culture and brand history are very important.I like those companies with good brand images, because this usually means that they pay more attention to quality and details.

Choice of style and design

When preparing to choose sexy underwear, I will pay attention to style and design choices.And this usually depends on the personal taste and partner’s body.Here I want to remind female friends that it is natural to feel comfortable in my heart.When you browse sexy underwear, you must maintain your own personality and style, because this will be the secret of confidence.Regarding design, if you like sexy and more exposed clothing, you can choose a style of split, transparent or lace, and if you are not willing to show your skin, you can choose a bigger trial.

Color choice

When talking about sexy underwear, some female friends think black is the only choice.But in fact, colors are diverse.When choosing sexy underwear, you can give priority to your favorite color, because its ultimate purpose is to make you feel sexy and confident.However, if you want to find other colors, you can consider some popular colors of the season.To maintain your luxury, you can choose some beautiful colors to improve your mood.


When buying sexy underwear, the quality cannot be ignored. Since such clothes usually need to be washed more carefully and more maintenance, we need to choose some carefully designed and made underwear, which can ensure a comfortable touch and feelAesthetic effect.Although high -quality erotic underwear is intoxicating, the price is relatively high.When choosing, you need to buy according to your own economic situation.


Interest underwear is often not only beautiful, but also has practical functions.For example, many sexy underwear has the function of shaping and enhanced the chest, which can help you improve your confidence and appearance.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose those styles with practical functions.


Finally, the dressing experience of sexy underwear is actually the most important.Pay attention to the feeling of comfort and comfort.Many experienced women may feel strange or uncomfortable with these underwear on their bodies.If you are also the case, don’t worry.This can be improved.First try to penetrate a suitable size of sexy underwear, experience your dressing feelings, and find the most suitable way of dressing you.


My boyfriend said that I wanted to buy me a sexy underwear. Although this idea made me a little hesitant, I had to admit that my boyfriend’s enthusiasm was touching and normal.At the same time, I realize that selective sexy underwear is not an easy thing for women, because we need to fully understand what we want.In my experience, I believe that everyone can find the style and brand that suits them in sex underwear.Finally, I remind you that when choosing sexy underwear, we must maintain our own personality and style, so that we feel confident, beautiful and excited.

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