The boss sends a sex lingerie text

The boss sends sexy lingerie, revealing the diverse sexy underwear

The types and styles of sexy underwear are diverse. Especially now that cross -border e -commerce brands have gradually entered the Chinese market, making consumers more and more fell in love with buying sexy underwear, which has become a fashion consumption.And now many people often talk about sexy underwear and adult erotic underwear.So what are the types of these underwear?

1. Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual emotional interest lingerie positioning is between daily underwear and adult erotic lingerie, between the two, perfectly fit the function of fashion, beauty and sexy.Common sexual sexy underwear includes lace, tulle, perspective, hollow, tight, hip hips and other styles.In addition, there are single products such as "three -point" and "open crotch pants", which fully demonstrates the figure and charm of women.

Second, adult erotic shield

Adult sex lingerie is further upgraded on the basis of sexy underwear, which is a kind of adult product.The color and style of adult erotic lingerie are richer than sex erotic lingerie, such as lace hollow, handcuffed feet, restraint series, SM series, jumping eggs, etc.They provide more extreme stimuli and experience, serving adults’ interesting enthusiasts.

Three, baby pants

Baby pants are a high -waisted hip underwear, which first appeared in the Fatyuan flower handle popular in the Hollywood film and television industry, and later developed into texture and patterns.It not only creates a perfect waist and hip curve, but can even instantly show the effect of flat abdomen and abundant hips, allowing women to have a sexy body in a short period of time.

Fourth, hanging straps

Stockings are also a kind of sexy underwear. Unlike ordinary socks, it needs to be fixed with a special suspender waist. After putting it on, the leg lines can be more beautiful.Use with a strap and stockings together, which can not only reduce friction between the skin, but also increase the sexuality of women.

Five, stockings

Stockings are full of temptation and sexy underwear. It can also match other sexy underwear well, which not only can better set off women’s beautiful legs, but also increase women’s sexy and femininity.

Six, sexy underwear suits

The set is a style that combines upper and lower underwear. It integrates upper and lower underwear, pants, suspenders, pajamas, tube tops, stockings and other products.This product guarantees the integrity and consistency of supporting supporting. In addition, it can support multiple combinations, and it also has a variety of and stylish characteristics.

Seven, hair accessories

Hair accessories can be said to be one of the components of sexy underwear. It can match a variety of erotic underwear to create a personalized feeling.Common hair accessories are: silk cards, beads, lace flower rings, etc.

8. Trip tips for cleanliness underwear cleaning

Sexy underwear is a high -end underwear series, with high cleaning requirements, and there are some points in cleaning.Be sure to use warm water to wash and wash your hands with warm water. Do not use ordinary laundry powder or laboratory cleaning agents.At the same time, small movements should be gentle and not rubbed.

Nine, precautions

Interesting underwear is a special class of underwear, which can easily cause skin sensitivity. Therefore, pay attention to some details in buying and dressing. You must choose a guaranteed brand to avoid stimulating low -end products to the skin.Wait for bad situations.

10. Summary

Interesting underwear has developed from the traditional two -polarity to diversified characteristics. It is not a simple sexual premium, it has become a fashion product, and it is also a psychological sustenance.When buying sexy underwear, consumers must fully understand their needs and purposes, and choose a sexy underwear that suits them to get the best comfortable experience.

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