The address of Guannan sexy underwear

1. History and current situation of irrigating Nanoso underwear industry

Guannan’s sexy underwear industry is one of the special industries created by Guannan County, Jiangsu. After years of development, it has become one of the famous domestic sexy underwear production sites.The origin of this industry can be traced back to the 1990s. At that time, due to the superior geographical location and convenient transportation of Guannan. In addition, China ’s support policies for the underwear industry at that time became a preferred place for many underwear manufacturers.Over time, the development of sexy underwear in Guannan has become more and more mature, becoming an important engine of the county’s economic development.

2. Geographical location and transportation advantage of irrigation southern sex underwear

Guannan is located in the south of Jiangsu Province, facing the port in the east and south. The geographical location is very superior.The county is connected to the Shanghai -Nanjing Expressway, with a 45 -minute economic circle, and it is only a 2 -hour drive from Nanjing International Airport. The transportation is very convenient.In addition, the county also has a perfect way of travel such as railway and inland ports, which provides a good foundation for entering and exit sexy underwear products.

3. The scale and influence of the output value and influence of irrigating the underwear industry

With the continuous development of Guannan’s sex underwear industry, the industry has become one of the pillar industries of Guannan County, and the scale of output value is getting larger and larger.According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, the annual output value of the industry has exceeded 5 billion yuan, becoming one of the local pillar industries.In addition, Guannan sex underwear products also enjoy a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets, becoming one of the leaders in China’s sexy underwear industry.

4. Supply chain integration and industrial supporting services of irrigation underwear industry

The development of the sexy underwear industry has formed a complete industrial chain and supply chain system.Some large underwear manufacturers in the county have formed a complete industrial chain, including a series of complete industrial processes such as style design, raw material procurement, production and processing, quality inspection, warehousing and logistics, and successfully used a number of well -known sexy underwearThe brand provides agency processing services.

5. The promotion of local employment in irrigation underwear industry

The development of the sexy underwear industry not only brings good economic benefits, but also more importantly, it has spawned a number of outstanding talents.The rise of this industry not only attracted a large number of migrant workers, but also gave birth to the emergence of many high -quality talents.Among them, female employees have benefited particular benefits, becoming one of the main practitioners of the sex underwear industry in the Guannan, and become the backbone of the society.

6. Quality standards and technological innovation of irrigating the underwear industry

Iruinan sex underwear industry has continuously improved the production technology and implemented branding, standardized, and standardized production.The industry has always adhered to market -oriented, focusing on product development and design, improving quality technology, strengthening new product innovation and marketing, and constantly optimizing and improving development capabilities and service quality. At the same time, it has continuously introduced international advanced equipment and manufacturing technologies.Gathering a group of professional talents with high ethics and industry experience.

7. Future development trends and prospects of irrigation underwear industry

The future development prospects of Guannan’s sex underwear industry are very broad.At present, Guannan’s sex underwear industry has formed an industrial scale effect, but market demand is still very huge and has great potential. At the same time, as people’s understanding of sexy underwear has gradually deepened, there will be greater market space and development space in the future.EssenceTherefore, with the strong support of national policies, irrigating the market for the lingerie industry will inevitably usher in faster development, becoming a shining pearl in the domestic and foreign industrial fields.

8. Social influence and value of irrigation south sex underwear industry

In the process of developing the sexy underwear industry, while driving local economic growth, it also brought multiple positive impacts on the society such as employment, taxation, environmental protection, and labor civilization.In addition, the industry’s role in improving local reputation, promoting tourism and cultural development has continued to highlight.

9. The status and influence of irrigated underwear industry in domestic and foreign markets

At present, Guannan sex underwear products have enjoyed a certain reputation in domestic and foreign markets, especially in the Asian market, which has an important influence.Among them, the industry’s products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, South Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The quality has been recognized by customers. Therefore, in the future development, the industry will continue to expand its own expansion of its share.

10. The capital of irrigated underwear helps the global erotic lingerie industry progress

As one of the important areas of China’s sexy underwear manufacturers, the sex underwear industry has made an important contribution to the development of the global sexy underwear market.By continuously improving quality, improving the supply chain and research and development of first -class sexy underwear products, the industry has become one of the leaders in the global sexy underwear industry and has a wide range of influence in the international market.


Guannan sexy underwear is well -known for a long time. It not only has the ability to produce high -end sexy underwear, but also successfully forms a complete underwear industry chain, becoming an important sexy underwear production base in the Central Plains region.I believe that with the strong support of the country’s policies and the continuous promotion of the market, Guannan’s sex underwear industry will usher in a broader development prospect in the future development, leading the Chinese sex underwear industry to continue to move forward.

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