Tempting sexy underwear cheongsam


Interest underwear is a special dress. It has a certain design concept and significance. It is popular in Western countries. It has also been recognized and loved in the Chinese market.Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese clothing and one of the national essence of China. It is considered a rare art treasure because of its unique design and gorgeous appearance.So what kind of charm will it present if the sexy underwear is combined with cheongsam?

popular elements

Combining Chinese traditional cultural elements and modern fashion, combining sexy underwear with cheongsam has become a new fashion trend.This style of sexy underwear has a sense of fashion and a traditional cultural atmosphere, and is sought after by consumers.

Material selection

The characteristic of cheongsam is that it has very high -end fabrics and delicate handicrafts. It can be equipped with very unique effects, while sexy underwear requires comfortable fabric texture to ensure elasticity and softness while not making people feel too comfortable., Lost sexy visual effects.


In the design of sexy lingerie styles, the style and characteristics of the cheongsam need to be fully considered, and the patterns, patterns, lines, zippers and other elements on the cheongsam are integrated into the design of the sexy underwear.

Selection of color

Most of the colors commonly used in cheongsam are black, red, and gold, and these colors are also suitable for designing sexy underwear.The black color tone is more secretive and mysterious, the red color tone is more desire and enthusiastic, and the golden tone is more elegant and luxurious.

Wearing occasion

Interesting lingerie cheongsam is suitable for some special occasions, such as party, couple nights, parties and other places, especially romantic Valentine’s Day night, wearing erotic lingerie cheongsam to give half a romantic surprise, I believe that men and women will love it.

Supporting jewelry

The choice of supporting jewelry is very important, because a perfect sexy underwear cheongsam needs to be matched with the corresponding high -quality jewelry, such as jewelry, shoes, socks, etc. to achieve the perfect results.

Fashion help

Interesting underwear cheongsam is to fully use the courage of fashion design, the characteristics of traditional culture, personality and romantic elements, and create a new type of sexy underwear style, fashionable, sexy, luxurious, and noble.

Quality and price

The quality and price of erotic lingerie cheongsam are also very important.The good fabric and comfortable tailoring can perfectly create the wearer’s leasing, and the price also needs to fully consider the consumer’s financial ability.

market expectation

It is foreseeable that the market prospects of fun underwear cheongsam will be considerable.Especially with the increase in the income of Chinese people and the diversification of culture, the development prospects of the Chinese market are very large, and it will definitely become a new market segment.

at last

The emergence of sexy lingerie cheongsam fills gaps in the lack of high fashion and high -quality products in the traditional cheongsam market.Its unique design and gorgeous appearance can bring a better mood and higher expectations to modern women, and believe that it will become a major trend in the future clothing market.

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