Taobao’s sexy underwear has no picture

Taobao’s sexy underwear has no picture

As the aesthetic concept of modern people gradually opens, sexy underwear has gradually been accepted by everyone, becoming a very common consumer product.As the world’s largest online retail platform, Taobao also occupies a considerable market share in the underwear industry.However, when browsing Taobao’s sexy underwear, we will find a problem -there is no picture in sex underwear!Why is this?Next, let’s do a detailed analysis.

1. Platform regulations for all evil

Taobao is a network market with many sellers and buyers. In order to protect the interests of consumers, the platform has strictly reviewed and restricted all the products involved in sex.If the merchant wants to upload pictures of sexy underwear, it needs to comply with the corresponding requirements of Taobao, and these regulations have brought trouble and restrictions to the merchants.

Second, the special material of sexy underwear

Most erotic underwear is made of special materials, such as silk, foam, mesh, etc.The texture and texture of these materials are very complicated, and it is difficult to express it through pictures.Moreover, these materials are thin and transparent, and are easily affected by light and angle when shooting, and it is difficult to show real effects.

Third, the difficulty of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear focuses on sexy and temptation, and needs to be displayed by exposing the skin as much as possible, which brings great difficulty to the shooting of merchants, because such shooting needs to find a good angle and posture, and the underwear needs to take the underwear.Wearing models, but merchants often have no appropriate models.

Fourth, different sizes are difficult to measure

Many styles of sex underwear are very special and the size is different. The seller cannot use a photo to represent all the size.And in different sizes, the extension of the same style on the limbs will also change, and it is difficult to present it with a picture.All these reasons have caused erotic underwear to have no pictures for reference.

5. Screen color display effect

Color is very important for the choice of sexy underwear, but when the color we see on the computer screen is not necessarily the accurate performance of the actual color.Because the color display effect of the screen varies from the screen quality, even if the same settings are used, the color presented by different devices will also be different. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately express the screen display by the screen.

6. Refer to other channels

Although there is no picture of Taobao’s sexy underwear, there are many channels on the market’s sexy underwear products.We can learn about love underwear through the channels such as wearing underwear and Taobao, so as to choose the most suitable and most beautiful product.

7. Learn more before buying

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, because you can’t see the physical pictures of the product, you can learn more about the latest market trends, compare the quality and price of various things, so you can know it.The situation of poor quality appears.

8. General conclusion

Taobao’s sexy underwear has no pictures for a series of reasons.However, as consumers, we need to spend more time to understand the sexy underwear in the market, understand the characteristics and evaluations of different products, and choose the most suitable product.In this way, you can avoid some unnecessary losses, and you can also buy high -quality sexy underwear, bringing more fun to yourself and partners.

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