Sexy underwear hollow cheongsam cheongsam

Sexy underwear hollow cheongsam cheongsam

What is sexy underwear hollow cheongsam?

Fun underwear hollow cheongsam is a sexy and romantic sexy underwear, which is composed of two elements of cheongsam and underwear.It is characterized by integrating the design elements of the cheongsam in the underwear, showing the female body curve with a hollow design method, and at the same time highlighting the gentleness and elegance of the Chinese women’s tradition.

Fun underwear hollow cheongsam style and material

There are many styles of sexy underwear hollow cheongsam, including short, long, lace, lace perspective models.The materials are mainly divided into lace, silk, yarn, etc., which are made ingenious and have good quality.

Suitable crowd

Sexy Mankini – 7199

Fun underwear hollow cheongsam is suitable for women with a certain sexy and feminine woman, increasing sexual interest and interest, stimulating emotional life, enhancing self -confidence, and increasing their charm.

How to choose sexy underwear hollow cheongsam?

Selecting erotic underwear hollow cheongsam that needs to be considered in body, skin color, personal preferences, occasions, etc.You must choose a suitable size, comfortable and personal, and at the same time, the color should be matched with your skin tone to achieve a beautiful and comfortable effect.

How to wear sexy underwear hollow cheongsam?

You need to pay attention to the accessories and hairstyles in the hollowing -out cheongsam of a sexy underwear. You must choose the appropriate necklace, earrings and hairstyles to make yourself look more charming and moving.At the same time, it can be paired with high heels or fish -mouth shoes to increase the overall sense of fashion.

How to clean the sexy underwear hollow cheongsam?

Cleaning sexy underwear hollow cheongsam requires special cleaning agents and tools to ensure the durability of its quality and color.At the same time, avoid washing and drying with other clothing to avoid affecting the material and shape.

The market price of sexy underwear hollow cheongsam cheongsam

The market price of sexy underwear hollow cheongsam is different due to factors such as style, material, brand and other factors. Generally, 200-1000 yuan, of course, there are higher value merchants setting. Consumers should choose the appropriate price according to their own conditions and economic strength.Essence

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Fun underwear hollow cheongsam brand recommendation

There are many sexual lingerie cheongsam brands in the market. Consumers can choose according to their preferences and needs, including Sexygirl, Roseheart, LINGERLOVE, Leis Rabbit, and so on.

The development trend of sexy underwear hollow cheongsam cheongsam

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for sex life has continued to increase, and sexy underwear hollow cheongsam has also entered more and more families.In the future, sexy underwear hollow cheongsam will strengthen the combination with fashion and aesthetics, and more diversified and personalized products will appear.

How to buy sexy underwear hollow cheongsam?

Buying sexy underwear hollow cheongsam can be carried out by Internet, shopping malls, specialty stores, etc.Before buying, you should understand the basic information of the performance, size, and use of the product, and pay attention to the selection of well -known brands with good quality guarantee.


As a very feminine sexy underwear, sexy lingerie cheongsam has entered people’s lives and will be widely used in the future.It is hoped that the majority of female friends can also find their own happiness and happiness of sexual life while wearing sexy underwear.