Zhang Yunzhu sexy underwear pictures

Zhang Yunzhu sex underwear picture introduction

As a famous sexy underwear designer, Zhang Yunzhu is a classic.Today we will enjoy several of her representative works.

1. Rose petal cup lace sexy underwear

This underwear uses the rose petal cup design with romantic atmosphere.The fabric of lace is soft and comfortable, and it is very comfortable to wear.

2. Pearl chain perspective lace sexy underwear

This underwear uses a perspective lace design, which is dotted with the pearl chain in front, which is more luxurious and noble.The perspective design is charming and moving, which is the perfect combination of sexy and elegant.

3. Diamond lace three pieces of sexy underwear

This underwear includes a bra, socks and G strings, all of which are decorated with lace and diamonds, which are very delicate and gorgeous.The personal tailoring makes the figure more sexy and charming.

4. Tao Tao buttle lace sexy underwear

This underwear uses a mixed design of lace and mesh, and the bra is equipped with sexy tassels.The most special thing is that there is a peach hip shape above the supporting G -string underwear, which is fascinating.


This underwear uses the inlaid of metal slices and diamonds to make underwear more modern.The hollow design makes the figure look more slender.


This underwear is inspired by the image of a cat woman, and the black lace decoration on the chest makes women sexy and charming.At the same time, decent stockings and gloves have enhanced the overall shape.

7. Cross rope sex love underwear

This underwear is very simple but very stylish. It uses black ropes and ring buckles as decoration, which is full of modern taste.Cross -leaning rules are very visual impact, fully showing women’s figures.

8. Back -to -back embroidery sexy underwear

The back of this underwear is exposed to the delicate skin of women.Back embroidery makes the entire underwear more gorgeous and beautiful.The beaded red bow is more embellished with the whole body.

in conclusion

Zhang Yunzhu’s fun underwear style is not only full of exotic mood, but also very suitable for the characteristics of Chinese women.These elegant and sexy designs not only satisfy women’s pursuit of beauty, but also make women feel their sexy charm.

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