Yue wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen

Yue wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen

Yue recently fascinated with sexy underwear. She likes to wear various styles of sexy underwear at home, making herself feel more sexy and confident.One night, she decided to make some snacks in the kitchen, so she decided to put on a charming erotic underwear.Next, we will introduce the feelings and precautions of wearing sexy underwear in this scene in detail.

1. Strong sexy feeling

When Yue put on a sexy underwear, she immediately felt a strong sexy feeling.Because sexy underwear is usually tightly designed and exposed to sexy parts. Her body curve lines are fuller and her chest and hips are more prominent, which enhances her self -confidence and sexual attractiveness.

2. Pay attention to keep warm

Although sexy underwear can increase sexy charm at home, we need to pay attention to warmth when wearing sex lingerie.Especially in the kitchen, the temperature may be very high. When she works, she will produce sweat, so she recommends choosing a soft and breathable sexy underwear to meet the sexy needs, but also ensure comfort and health.

3. The sexy underwear should be clean

Some sexy underwear will have obvious sexy design elements, such as lace and leather.When doing housework or fried fritters, Yue recommends wearing simple and easy -to -clean sexy underwear, such as silk materials or dark monotonous colors.

4. Select the right size

It is very important to wear a suitable size of sexy underwear.If the clothes are too tight or loose, it will cause discomfort or slipping.She recommends that according to her actual size, the sexy underwear that is suitable for style and size to ensure the comfort and sexuality of housework when doing housework.

5. Hygiene

Sexy underwear needs to be cleaned frequently as other clothes to ensure that the clothes are clean and hygienic.She suggested that when washing love underwear, please pay attention to the temperature and detergent selection to avoid damage to the material of the clothes.

6. Selection of accessories

Interest underwear includes not only underwear, but also various accessories, such as stockings, high heels, etc.How to choose suitable accessories is also very important.If you want to wear fun underwear in the kitchen, do not choose high heels to avoid slipping or falling.It is more suitable to choose flat shoes or comfortable shoes.

7. Toxication and breathable

It is easy to sweat when it is worn by sexy underwear, especially when cooking soup or other high temperatures, so it is more suitable to choose the ingredients and hygroscopic underwear.This will prevent sweat from being stranded on the body, leading to discomfort and bacterial breeding.It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear with breathable or humidity.

8. Free activity

When cooking food or washing vegetables, a large number of activities need to be carried out, so you need to choose a free sexy underwear.For example, she recommends that I can choose sporty sexy underwear, which is more comfortable and free to wear.In addition, pay attention to keeping balance and stability to prevent slipping.


In short, wearing a sexy underwear to do housework in the kitchen is a very interesting thing with certain challenges, but you need to pay attention to safety and warmth.When selecting sexy underwear and accessories, you must consider comfort and the breathability of the material to avoid danger such as slipping or falling.I hope that this tips will help you, and you don’t have to wear a sexy underwear to enjoy it outside the home. You must also pay attention to the inner safety.