Young Woman wears sex lingerie novels


Chapter 1: Meet

She is a young woman in her 30s who likes to go to the gym after work.The lights in the gym are dim and the atmosphere is relaxed and happy.When she was jog, she suddenly saw a man peeking at her.The man’s eyes were extremely deep, making her inexplicably excited.

Chapter II: Temptation

In the gym, they encountered several times.Every time the man hinted at her, making her very exciting.One day, the man asked her if she was willing to have dinner with him.She was excited and readily accepted the invitation.Then put on a set of sexy sexy underwear.

Chapter 3: Food

After dinner, they went to a very hot restaurant together.There, she was amazed by men’s sense of population and superb cooking skills.The man also introduced her a lot of food culture to deepen her favor to him.

Chapter 4: Confession

In the restaurant, the man suddenly confessed to her and said that she had liked her for a long time.She was surprised, but she was also very excited.So she chose to show her sexiest side in front of men and let him appreciate.

Chapter 5: Romance

The man took her to a high -end nightclub.She put on a see -through outfit and longed for being appreciated by men.There, the man also gave her a rose and created a romantic atmosphere for her.

Chapter 6: Hot

In the nightclub, they danced enthusiastically.In some nightclubs in Europe and the United States, there are often sexy dance performances, which also makes her figure hotter.The entire nightclub was circled by her, so that the men who raised the toasts were attracted by her.

Chapter VI

After returning to the hotel room, she finally kissed the man.Then the sexy underwear was taken off.She put on these clothes to seduce men, and now her purpose has finally achieved.After a few passions, the two lived very well that night.

Chapter 8: Memories

The next day, she put on new clothes and slowly recalled everything that happened last night.These memories allow her to stay in her heart forever and keep her passion.

Chapter 9: Change

Back in her life, she started to become more confident, because she knew that she had a sexy figure, which gave her unlimited charm.She started to buy sexy underwear regularly and try new styles and colors to make herself full.

Chapter 10: Views

Interest underwear is not used to show it to others, but more to stimulate your self -confidence and sexy.Wearing a sexy lady’s sexy underwear will change a person’s attitude and temperament, and it is more charming.Therefore, try more new styles and colors to make your life more interesting and passionate.

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