You can change the game of color underwear

Introduction to gameplay

Interest underwear can add fun and enhance interests between couples.And changing games can make this process more interesting.This game can be played fiercely or gentle, which can increase the tacit understanding between couples and promote feelings.The following is a brief introduction to the gameplay game of changing the game.

Gaming preparation

1. Choose and buy sexy underwear, including different types of sexy underwear.

2. Saters the size and color of the sexy underwear according to the type or color.

3. Put each erotic underwear in a paper bag and tie the bag.

game rules

1. Choose one person as a "dressing person" and another person as "host".

2. The host randomly draw a sexy underwear from the paper bag and hand it over to the dressing person.

3. Putors should put on this sexy underwear within the specified time, and then go to the host.

4. The host commented on the matching and dressing effect of sexy underwear to give a score.

5. Take turns until all sexy underwear has been used.

Gaming precautions

1. Do not expose yourself overly to get high scores, safety first.

2. Funeral underwear should be kept clean and sterilized in time after use.

3. The time can be determined by yourself, or you can set the time limit.

Game change

1. Can increase punishment and reward rules to make the game more exciting.

2. Can increase the props and make the game more interesting.

3. You can expand the game and invite friends to participate.

Game harvest

1. Increase the tacit understanding between couples.

2. Promote the relationship between couples.

3. Make sex more interesting.


1. When playing games, you must respect each other and do not force the other party to do what you don’t like.

2. The choice of sex underwear must conform to the taste of the other party, and don’t ignore the other party’s feelings.

3. When playing games, pay attention to hygiene issues and do a good job of cleaning and disinfection.


Interest underwear can increase fun to sex, and the change game can make this process more interesting.Of course, in the process of playing games, we must pay attention to security and hygiene, respect each other, and enhance their feelings.I hope this article will help you.

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