Xu Ying’s selfies

Xu Ying: A Selfie of Fun Underwear Selfie

Nowadays, more and more women have begun to pay attention to their sexy and charm.The most common way is to wear a sexy underwear with special functions to show his beautiful figure.As a self -timer of sexy underwear, Xu Ying often share her sexy photos on social networks and has won the love of many fans.

1. The mysterious sexy underwear

Xu Ying likes to publish some mysterious image, or a small movement of sexy underwear photos on her social account. These photos truly realize the perfect combination of fashion, sexy and artistic art, which leaves a deep impression.

2. Gorgeous bathing photos

Xu Ying’s sexy underwear bath photos are simply stunned.She can always find various angles in the bathroom to show her sexy side.Imagine that she bent over with charmingly in front of the camera, or lying in a bathtub with a relaxed foam, this visual impact left a deep impression.

3. Charm in the night

The charm in the night is Xu Ying’s unique question.With the help of photography lights and the bright night view of the city, she showed suffocating sexy charm.Wearing more sexy underwear, the proper highlights of the city light and environment at night to her body outline and outline shape further broke through the visual artistic beauty.

4. Use glass to reflect the figure

Xu Ying often uses rich decorations, glass tables or various different glassware in her apartment to reflect her body curve.The biggest advantage of this style of underwear selfies is that they can show the design and production of underwear well, attracting the love of some underwear enthusiasts and collectors.

5. Straight colors and light matching

Light and color are the primary elements of measuring the beauty of a photo, while Xu Ying is a master.She can make good use of a variety of different light and color combinations to make the photos of sexy underwear more stunning and sexy and philosophical.This is admirable and admired her color combination.

6. Represents high -quality high -end sexy underwear photos

In addition to the above five types of photos, Xu Ying also often showed many photos that represent high -quality, superb craftsmanship and high -priced high -end sexy underwear.The biggest difference between these underwear and ordinary sex underwear is superb craftsmanship and high -quality fabrics, representing a new fashion trend and high -quality concept.

7. Gentle details reflect the warmth of women

Sex underwear pays more attention to details, and Xu Ying often shows the details of underwear in the photo.This tenderness details reflect the warmth deep in her heart, showing the slender and sensitive emotional expression of women.

8. The combination of technology and art has formed a wonderful sexy underwear photo

In fact, taking a perfect sexy sexy underwear photo requires certain skills and techniques.In the early stage of her self -portrait, Xu Ying first made precise adjustments to the angle and location, and then considering the posture and expression, and finally applied the terrible photography skills in the hand to achieve her a lot of outstanding works with the assistance of high -end equipment.

9. The silent description of color and decoration

A colorful and beautiful sexy underwear photo will leave a deeper impression. Even some photos of underwear are just some simple fabrics, but the clever color matching and exquisite decorative craftsmanship can still attract to attractA lot of attention and likes are largely due to the artistic temperament behind underwear.

10. Sexy and health emphasize

In the end, I think that behind the sexy dressing advocated by Xu Ying is a healthy BodyShape, which means that women pursue sexy and healthy lifestyles.We can see an attitude of dressing from her, a way to show ourselves.And we do n’t have to treat this way of showing sexy posture as abstract and strange, because most of us can learn from her and learn how to show us in a healthier, more beautiful, and more sexy charm.Women’s characteristics.

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