Women’s sexy underwear fighting game


Interest underwear has always been one of the essential clothes for women. It can not only show the sexy and charming side, but also strengthen self -confidence.In recent years, sexy underwear is no longer just used in bedrooms. More and more women have begun to wear them as outer clothing and even sports equipment.Today, we will introduce an emerging field -women’s sexy lingerie game.

What is a women’s sex lingerie fighting game?

Women’s sexy lingerie game, referred to as love game, is a competitive movement developed in recent years.Participants wearing sexy underwear and fighting competitions.The rules of love games are similar to traditional fighting games, but due to the special nature of the players, the game process is more exciting.

Interest underwear type

In love games, the sexy underwear worn by the contestants is rich and diverse.Among them, there are more popular ones:

Lace erotic underwear: light lace material, strong transparency, can disperse opponents when attacking.

Lian physical erotic underwear: In the overall design, improve the flexibility of exercise, and it is more advantageous when playing.

Belly -style erotic underwear: Two cloth bands in front and rear, and the lower body is like shorts, which is a classic match for love games.

competition rules

The rules of love game competition are as follows:

Both parties in the game must wear sexy underwear, and must ensure the least naked parts.

The game time is 3 minutes.

Forbidden to use any objects to attack in the game.

The referee finally decided to win and defeat according to the players’ combat skills, morphology and intensity scores.

Challenge the difficulty of sexy lingerie fighting

The difficulty of the love game is how to maintain the original beauty of the underwear in the fierce competition. This requires not only excellent athletes, but also the support of underwear design and material.

Accident and risk

Love game is a fierce competitive sports. Participants need to have high physical fitness.At the same time, take care of the privacy of the players during the game, and the game venue is usually set up separately.However, unfortunate accidents will inevitably occur during the game. Therefore, the organizer should fully maintain and test the field and equipment of the game to ensure the health of the players.

Sex underwear adds sports equipment

In recent years, the functions of sexy underwear have been redefined. They are no longer just used in bedrooms. More and more women choose to use them as sports equipment for fitness and yoga.Therefore, it is expected that sexy underwear will be widely used in the future sports field.


Fun underwear fighting game is an emerging competitive movement. Its development is inseparable from the continuous innovation of the sex underwear industry.At the same time, the organizers should strengthen risk prevention measures to ensure the health of the players.The function of sexy underwear is being redefined, and it will create richer possibilities for the future of women’s movements.

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