Women’s sexy underwear classification

Women’s sexy underwear classification

1. Drain

The bras are the core part of sexy underwear, which can be divided into thin, thick, chest pads, flat chest type, clustering type, steel -free ring, and steel ring.Suitable for women with different dressing styles and various occasions.

2. Underpants

Underwear is considered to be the most basic accessory of sexy underwear. It can be divided into thongs, T pants, suspenders, open crotch pants, briefs and other types.Choose the right underwear to ensure the overall design and comfort.

3. Tulle style

This is very suitable for summer sexy underwear types, usually made of tulle fabric, which is excellent permeability and comfort.It not only maintains the sexy beauty of women’s bodies, but also meets the requirements of comfort.

4. Lace style

In sexy underwear, lace styles are always sought after.Lace lace, flower ring shape, and pattern details have all become the focus of design, showing the feminine and sexy side.

5. Perspective style

The perspective style is a bold design in sexy underwear. It uses ultra -thin transparent materials to highlight the sexy charm of women.Suitable for matching other costumes in a specific situation, not suitable for daily wear.

6. Bad waist style

The waist style emphasizes the curve beauty of the waist in design, which can have the effect of waist, which is very suitable for wearing tight clothes or suspenders.

7. Pajamas style

Interest underwear is not limited to day wearing, but also very popular pajamas style.Pajamas can be divided into ultra -thin models, gauze web models, lace models, silk models, fluff styles, etc.You can show the sexy side of women at night.

8. Osh shoulder style

The off -the -shoulder style emphasizes the beauty of women’s neck and shoulder curves, which can make women more charming and charming.It is suitable for use with a camisole or backless outfit to show the beauty of the skin.

9. Format style

The styling style is usually designed with steel rings or chest pads, mainly to make the chest more upright and plump.Suitable for women who wear low -necks, back -ups and other clothing.

10. complete set of sexy underwear

The complete set of sexy underwear is generally composed of a variety of accessories such as bras, underwear, stockings, and suspenders, which can achieve more dressing mode.Suitable for women who like diverse wearing styles.


Different sexy underwear can meet women’s needs in different situations, which not only shows women’s sexy beauty, but also makes women feel comfortable and comfortable.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make women more confident, fashionable and elegant.

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