Woman wearing a sexy underwear orally

Woman wearing a sexy underwear orally

Interest underwear is not only a clothing, but also an attitude, which can show women’s sexy and self -confidence.Today we invited several women to share their experience about wearing sexy underwear.

The reason they choose sex underwear

Interest underwear is sexy, personalized, and unique, which can make women more confident and comfortable.One woman shared: "I chose to wear sexy underwear because it makes me feel more sexy, and it can also stimulate my enthusiasm for life." Another woman said: "I like the creativity and design of sexy underwear, I like the creativity and design of sexy underwear, I like the creativity and design of sexy underwear.Each underwear is unique and special, and the fabric is also very comfortable. "

They wear sex underwear occasions

In women’s hearts, wearing sexy underwear is not for others but for themselves.They will wear fun underwear at any time to make themselves more confident and charming.For example, at home, dating, special occasions, etc., they will be on the occasion of their sexy underwear.

Their requirements for sexy underwear

For women, the first requirement to wear sex underwear is comfort.A woman shared: "The comfort of sexy underwear is very important, because this is the key factor that determines whether I will continue to buy the same underwear." In addition to comfort, women also pay attention to the fabrics, styles, creativity and other aspects of underwearEssence

The color of sexy underwear

Generally, there will be colors such as red, black, and white, and which color choice is more based on personal preferences and moods.Some women like red sexy underwear because this represents enthusiasm and sexy; some women prefer black sexy underwear because black is more mysterious and sexy.

They experience

Wearing sex underwear requires certain skills, and different figures and styles require different wear experience.A woman shared her experience: "I am a relatively short woman, and even a little fat, so I will choose sexy underwear and gathered bra to shape a more perfect figure curve."

Spring underwear price

Most of the price of sex underwear will be more expensive than ordinary underwear, because its fabrics and design are more particular.However, women are more willing to choose higher -quality sexy underwear, especially those comfortable, wearing and sexy styles.

Underwear maintenance

Pay attention to the following points for maintaining sexy underwear: First, you need to pay attention to the cleaning of the underwear; second, do not rinse underwear with a washing machine; third, do not dry it at high temperature.These methods can help you keep your underwear tidy and durable.

The difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear

Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more sexy and comfortable to wear.Women wearing fun underwear are more for themselves, not for others.Therefore, the design style of sexy underwear is more unique and special, and the fabric is more particular.

Suggestion of wearing sex underwear

Women need to pay attention to the following points when wearing fun underwear: first, do not choose the style that is too tight; second, choose the style and color that suits you; third, you must choose comfortable, confident and sexy while taking care of your ownBody and health.

Sex blessings brought by sexy underwear

Wearing erotic underwear is not only for yourself, but also brings more sexual blessings and satisfaction to your lover.Women wearing sexy underwear will be more confident and sexy, which will also help the sublimation and stability of couple relationships.

Finally, when choosing a sexy underwear or any other clothing, you must choose the one that suits you and wear your own temperament and style.

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