Wife’s sexy underwear shop test underwear

Wife goes to the sex underwear shop to try underwear

Today, my wife went to a sexy underwear shop and tried many different styles of underwear.After she came back, she shared her experience and shopping results with me.I think her experience is very interesting, so I decided to write her underwear experience into an article.The following is her experience:

Put on the first underwear: front buckle style

In the test room of the sexy underwear shop, her wife saw a front -buckled underwear. She felt very comfortable after putting on, but she was not close enough.The clerk told her that this underwear is most suitable for people with tight looseness and not obvious outline.So his wife did not buy this underwear.

Underwear that is not suitable

After trying a few underwear, his wife met a underwear that was not suitable for her.This underwear line is obvious and not close enough to make her figure look not good enough.She realized that not all underwear suitable for her body, so she continued to try on other underwear to find a style that suits herself.

Sexy underwear experience

My wife tried to see a sexy underwear. This underwear has a suspender and perspective effect, making her feel very sexy and confident.She thinks this underwear is suitable for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Marriage Day, but it is not suitable for daily wear.

Choice of adult underwear

His wife was very surprised after trying to penetrate an adult underwear.The quality of this underwear is very good and the appearance is very sexy.Although it is more expensive than other underwear, his wife decides to choose it because it is suitable for daily wear and has long -term value.

Compared with different styles of underwear

After trying to penetrate a variety of different styles of underwear, my wife quickly formed a comparison of underwear.She can see the differences between different styles of underwear, including texture, breathability, style, comfort, etc.This makes her better understand and evaluate the difference between different underwear, and also provides her better choice of underwear.

Avoid misunderstanding of underwear

Wife’s experience also shows that when buying underwear, you should avoid some misunderstandings, such as paying attention to the shape of the underwear without paying attention to the performance of the underwear, and not paying attention to the size and quality of the underwear.Only when all factors are considered to be fully considered can we choose the most suitable underwear.

Understand the materials and technology of underwear

In the process of buying underwear, my wife learned that the material and process of underwear are one of the key factors affecting the performance and comfort of the underwear.She knows the advantages and disadvantages of different materials and manufacturing technology, and chose the style she thinks the best.

The main points of trying to penetrate underwear

By trying to wear underwear, his wife learned some useful skills.For example, before trying to penetrate underwear, adjust your body to ensure the reliability and accuracy of underwear.In addition, pay attention to the details of the underwear, such as shoulder straps and hooks to ensure the comfort and sense of security of the underwear.

The importance of underwear purchase decision -making

The trial of underwear is an indispensable step in buying underwear.But there are other factors to consider whether the purchased underwear style is suitable for you, whether the material and technology of the underwear are excellent, and whether the price of the underwear is appropriate.Only under all factors are fully considered can they make outstanding purchase decisions.


Entering the sex underwear store to try on underwear may make some people feel a little embarrassed, but trying on underwear is really useful for buying sexy underwear and a better understanding of their bodies.In addition, only the choice of underwear has been conducted in depth and detailed discussion, and considering its own needs and styles comprehensively can we buy the most suitable underwear.

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