Wife’s sexy underwear collection courier

Wife’s sexy underwear collection courier

As a sexy underwear expert who is very familiar with sexy underwear, whenever my wife receives new sexy underwear, I always take the opportunity to learn the latest styles and trends.Today, my wife received a batch of sexy underwear express, so I will share with you the harvest of our family.

Selection of courier companies

When choosing a courier company, we usually choose companies with good reputation, fast express speed, and reasonable price.In this courier who received sex underwear this time, we chose a courier company with social attributes. The courier directly contacted us through social software. For some private things, we can better protect our privacy and security.

Confidentiality of packaging

There are usually confidential signs on the express packaging packaging of sexy underwear.Express companies will take some measures, such as the company name and brand advertising are not printed on the packaging to protect the privacy of buyers.Moreover, our express delivery is also cautious enough to leak personal information.

Our underwear style selection

Every time we buy sexy underwear, we choose the style and style that suits us.For example, some people like sexy suits, while some people prefer sexy hollow lace slings and T 裇.We chose a unique and elegant suit, which can highlight the body curve and beauty of women.

Selection of fabrics

The choice of fabrics is also very important.Usually, we will choose soft, breathable, and not allergic fabrics, such as lace, cotton, and berets.These fabrics are relatively comfortable and good quality, which can ensure comfort and service life.

Selection of size

It is also very important to choose the right size.Once the size is not appropriate, not only cannot we wear comfortable, but also affect the dressing effect.We usually let our wife take pictures to measure the body size to ensure the accuracy of the purchase size.

Brand choice

When buying sexy underwear, we usually choose some companies and products with reputation and brand strength, which can ensure the needs of quality, styles, comfort and privacy.

Price choice

When buying sexy underwear, the price is also one of the factors we are very concerned about.We usually choose products with moderate prices so that they can ensure quality and save expenses.


Interest underwear is a more confident and sexy dressing method.When choosing and buying sexy underwear, we need to consider multiple factors, including styles, fabrics, sizes, brands, prices, and so on.Only on the basis of fully considering all factors can we choose sexy underwear that suits us, so as to be more confident and beautiful in life.

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