Wife wears a sexy underwear and sleeps with others

Wife wears a sexy underwear and sleeps with others

With the development of society, people’s requirements for emotions are also getting higher and higher, and sexy underwear, as an important part of emotional life, has become a necessary fashion trend for modern people.However, some men are anxious because their wives wear sexy underwear and others sleep. Today we will explore this sensitive topic.

1. Interesting underwear and sex are not directly related to sex

First of all, it is important to emphasize that wearing sex underwear does not have a direct connection with sex with others.We cannot equal "wear sexy underwear" and "betrayal".In terms of sexual morality, we should build a harmonious and healthy family relationship based on protecting ourselves and others, not based on the pursuit of personal material and sensory stimuli.

2. Wearing erotic underwear to help stimulate the enthusiasm of emotional life

In fact, wearing erotic underwear is very helpful for improving the enthusiasm of emotional life.Women’s wearing sexy underwear can not only enhance self -confidence and self -worth, but also evoke the sexual interest of men, and play a good role in promoting in emotional communication.

3. Only interesting underwear and other factors can induce betrayal

If she finds her sexy underwear in her wife, but has a betrayal relationship with you, it is likely not because she is in sexy underwear to induce betrayal, but because there are other factors.Only the combination of "sexy underwear+other" can lead to betrayal.

4. Don’t control your wife, build a healthy communication relationship

If you have caused doubts because of your wife’s dress, it is a better way to build a healthy communication relationship.We should respect everyone’s personality and preferences, rather than controlling others’ behavior.

5. Wife’s dress depends on personal preferences and occasions

Wife’s wearing should not be defined by others.Sometimes, wearing erotic underwear for some special occasions may not be to attract the attention of others.We should respect our wife’s personal preferences and choices. Don’t take it for granted.

6. Sex underwear is not worn for others

Many men will think that their wives wear fun underwear for other men. This idea is ridiculous.Interest underwear is a way to show itself. The real purpose is to make yourself feel more beautiful and confident, not for others.

7. Wife wearing fun underwear is not necessarily due to marriage problems

If you find that his wife wears sexy underwear in some way, this does not mean that there is a problem with her and you.It may be just a change in her self -confidence and beauty.Don’t speculate on her motive too much, and maintaining communication is an effective way to solve the problem.

8. Establish trust with her, not doubt

If your wife is always wearing sexy underwear, it is important to build a trust relationship.When you have confidence in her loyalty and character, you will find that her dress is not a problem.On the contrary, if you doubt whether she is loyal, this dislike will have greater harm to marriage.

9. If you can’t accept it, choose to leave

If you can’t handle your wife’s sexy underwear and sleep with others, then you might as well choose to leave.We should not be attached to the stimulus of material and sensory in too much in marriage, but we should establish a good concept of marriage.

10. Conclusion

Generally speaking, wearing sexy underwear does not mean betrayal, nor should it be an excuse for betrayal of others.We should rationally look at the trends and culture represented by the Instant Underwear, respect and choose personal preferences, and establish a marriage relationship that maintains healthy, harmonious and respect, rather than satisfy our desires and needs by distorting misleading.

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