Wife in erotic underwear wife pictures

Wife in erotic underwear wife pictures

Interest underwear has a variety of different styles. From sexy tulle to three -dimensional lace, each type can bring different feelings to the wearer.But for men, it is the dream of many people to let your wife wear sexy underwear.So how to make your wife wear a fun underwear and experience the fun of this moment?

1. Start with personal preferences

Before buying a sexy underwear, you need to understand your preferences and your wife.Some people may prefer sexy romantic styles, while others prefer light and transparent styles.Therefore, it is better to choose a suitable sexy underwear according to the preferences of yourself and his wife when buying.

2. Choosing the right size is critical

Try to buy a size or next size underwear is not a good choice.If the underwear is too small, it will generate unnecessary pressure on the body, and transfer attention from the sense of body wearing to the body’s comfort.If the underwear is too large, it may look bulky and reduce the number of sexy.

3. Let the focus move to the chest

For sexy underwear, it is important to make the chest focus.The style of this underwear is designed to highlight the chest, so you need to choose the right underwear to provide good support and shaping effects.Under modern technologies, most sexy underwear provides additional support functions to make the chest look more tangible.

4. Avoid unnecessary details

There are usually many decorations and tricks in sexy underwear, but when choosing, you need to pay attention to avoiding the details that make the underwear look too fancy or made.The temperament is inherent. If it is excessively designed, it is difficult to show the real temperament.

5. Select the fabric

Comfort and softness are also factors that need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Polyester fibers are usually more dressed, but they also stimulate the skin.Natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, will be more comfortable and soft, but may also be easily deformed and shrunk when washing at hand.

6. Pantyhose should be properly matched

In the choice of pantyhose, try to choose the style of sexy underwear as much as possible.For example, if the underwear is a separate bra, it is recommended to wear a shorter inner shorts or sexy stockings; if the underwear is a conjoined underwear, it is recommended to choose a relatively simple style on pantyhose.

7. Details that need to be followed

When wearing a sexy underwear, the details that need to be paid attention to are very important: if you want to ensure that the underwear is ready?You need to know where to stop?When will you try it on?Is there any price label on the underwear?Is there any discomfort?These are issues that need to be considered and solved.

8. Show your own joy

Once her wife puts on sexy underwear, she needs both comfortable and sexy underwear, but also her partner is always in a sunny state.Therefore, through conversation or body movements, we must express her appreciation, love and joy of her appreciation, love and joy.


Your wife wears fun underwear to make you happier.Choose comfortable, fit, suitable for you and her style, and pay attention to some details. You will have a very happy and unforgettable encounter.

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