Why do men don’t like sexy underwear


As a sexy, mysterious, and seductive clothing, sexy underwear is loved by women.However, many women will find that even her boyfriend or husband who is close to themselves does not like to watch a sexy underwear.This makes many women feel very confusing and even self -doubt.But the fact is that men really do not like sexy underwear. This article will focus on the reasons for this issue.

cultural background

In Western culture, sexy underwear is regarded as a symbol, which represents sexy, temptation, pornography and suggestions.This is very different from the traditional concept of lady in Chinese culture.Therefore, many men feel that the sexy underwear is too exposed, indecent, and even cheap.This cultural differences make it difficult for men to accept sexy underwear. They may feel that their girlfriend or wife is a frivolous woman.

Visual discomfort

Many men attach great importance to visual effects. They think that the beauty of women is best to show in a state of nature and freshness.They may feel that erotic underwear affects women’s beauty, too much decoration and design will make women look too fancy or exaggerated.Some men may feel that sexy underwear is unsanitary, because many sexy underwear is made of transparent and thin materials. It is impenetrable and easy to breed bacteria.

Uncomfortable dressing experience

Interest underwear is often thin, tailoring and design are different from ordinary underwear, and it will be more uncomfortable to wear.For men, erotic underwear may have unnecessary restraints on women’s body, and may even compress women’s body organs.For men, it is irresponsible to make their girlfriend or wife feel uncomfortable or painful, so they may choose to avoid making women wear sexy underwear.

Disgusted commercialization

With the development of the sexy underwear industry, merchants use the elements of sex and pornographic elements to sell sex underwear, which makes many men feel uncomfortable.They believe that sexy underwear is part of the entertainment industry, and it is not related to real sex and love. It is a commercial and superficial way.In this context, men may think that sexy underwear is just an entertainment without any sense.

Shy and self -consciousness

In fact, many men do not know why they don’t like sexy underwear.One possible reason is the shyness and self -awareness of these men themselves.They may not be used to seeing their girlfriend or wife wearing such clothes, and they feel uncomfortable.Men may have a strong self -awareness. They do not want their girlfriends or wives to be stared at by others, and they do not want others to look at their girlfriends or wives as a product.

The conflict between sexy underwear and romance

For many men, romantic and sexy underwear conflicts.Many men believe that romance should be based on the interaction and emotion between the two, not based on clothes.Romance includes emotion, emotion, and psychology, and sexy underwear is often just a material thing, without complete emotional expression.Therefore, for some men, erotic underwear does not explain anything, and is even considered a bit superficial.

Different values

The values of sexy underwear are different from some men’s concepts.Many men pay attention to family and career. They think women should lead by example, know how to take respect, love self, and dress well. Don’t pay too much attention to external packaging.Under such concepts, sexy underwear may be considered a kind of abuse and self -derogation, which will make women lose their sense of self -worth.

The way men and women appreciate beauty are different

The way men and women appreciate beauty are different, which is one of the reasons why men do not like sexy underwear.Men may pay more attention to forms and proportions for women’s physical aesthetics, not details and decorations.The design of sexy underwear emphasizes parts with obvious sexual characteristics such as chest, hips, waist, etc., but from the perspective of men, these parts are not the most important factor in determining beauty, and excessive emphasis often emphasizes them.

Personal hobbies and character

The last reason may be the personal hobbies and personality of men itself.Although based on the above factors, we can boldly guess the reason why men do not like sexy underwear, but we must also admit that although men are the same gender, they may have formed due to various reasons such as social background, living environment, and personal growth experience.Various personality, taste, hobbies, etc.Therefore, some men may like sexy underwear, and some men don’t like it, which is fully understood and respected.

in conclusion

There may be many reasons why men do not like sexy underwear. This article only made some general speculation and investigations, which is not universal.But no matter what the reason is, we should respect the concepts and emotions of men. Don’t force them to accept things they don’t like, and don’t let sex underwear become an irreplaceable obstacle, hinder each other’s emotional communication and understanding.

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