Why do boyfriend love to watch sexy underwear


Men’s love for sexy underwear can be traced back to ancient times, and modern men cannot resist the temptation of sexy underwear.But why do men like to watch their girlfriends wear sexy underwear?This article will analyze from the aspects of men’s psychological needs, physiological needs, and cultural background.

Attractive appearance

Men are usually very attractive to women’s appearance, and the hazy style of sexy underwear can often evoke the curiosity of men.This is because the design purpose of sexy underwear is to make women more attractive and attract the opposite sex.When men see women put on sexy underwear, they are often attracted to the female body under underwear, and it is easier to imagine that they and their girlfriends are so intimate.


Men’s psychological needs are needed and loved. Seeing their girlfriend put on sexy underwear can meet this psychological needs.Women wearing erotic underwear will make men feel special and unusual, which makes men feel that their girlfriends have a special relationship with themselves, so that men’s confidence can be improved.

Sexual stimulus

Thinking, visual, and hearing can stimulate sexual desire. The design of sexy underwear pays great attention to showing different body curves of women. Through visual stimuli, men’s desires can be rapidly enhanced.Men wearing sexy underwear can also meet their needs for sexual stimuli, because they feel that beautiful sexy underwear can bring more sexual interests to themselves and partners.

cultural background

In Western countries, sexy underwear can be called underwear etiquette, which is equivalent to an upgraded version of ordinary underwear, because sexy underwear pays more attention to women’s appearance attractiveness and visual stimulus, which is very different in the cultural background.In the Eastern countries, especially China, the cultural background of sexy underwear is not so strong. It is a bold attempt for many people to wear fun underwear.

Explore physical beauty

穿情趣内衣是一种展示身体美感的方式,让男人更好地了解女性身体的美感和吸引力,同时也能让女性更好地了解自己的身体,保持身体上的信心和自信心,让女性Express his charm in front of a man.

Creative interest

Interest underwear can create fun, make daily life less monotonous, enhance the emotions between husbands and wives, and build a more intimate relationship.For men, women in sexy underwear are more sexy and attractive, which will make them feel warm and satisfied.

Enhanced sexual experience

Interest underwear can enhance sexual experience, make the sexual behavior between husband and wife more exciting and interesting, and help men understand the needs of women more deeply.

Express love

Giving her girlfriend’s sexy underwear is to express her love to her, and make her feel unique and special.This is because sexy underwear is a manifestation of women’s respect and care, which makes her feel cherished, thereby strengthening the relationship between the two.

Scene creation

Wearing a sex underwear is a kind of scene creation that can be immersed in the sex environment they created, so that the sexual life between the two people becomes more creative and colorful.Men like sexy, confident and understanding women, such women make men feel charming.


In short, there are many reasons for men to watch their girlfriends wear sexy underwear, including attractiveness, physiological needs, cultural background, and psychological needs.Men like to wear sexy underwear, because these women can make them feel sexy, charm and confidence, and at the same time can deepen the feelings between the two.

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