Who will consume sexy underwear in Shanghai


Shanghai is one of the most developed cities in China. It not only has a charming nightlife, but also many consumers like to buy sexy underwear.So, who will spend sexy underwear in Shanghai?

Single white -collar

There are a lot of high -paying white -collar workers in Shanghai. They usually live alone, have strong spending power, and have requirements for life tastes. Therefore, they like to buy sex and sexy underwear to settle their charm and sexy.

Couple lover

In Shanghai, the sexy underwear market in the world is very active.They usually try various new ways in bed to increase interest. Interest underwear is an essential part of it.


Shanghai has a prosperous nightlife place. As the main consumer group of nightclubs, nightclubs will buy a variety of sexy underwear to increase the sexy and charm of the nightclub.

Yoga enthusiast

With the popularization of health movements, more and more people are participating in yoga.In yoga class, some people like to wear sexy underwear to increase the charm and confidence during exercise.

Gender orientation is more open

Shanghai is an international metropolis. Many people with more gender orientation are looking for freedom and recognition here, and sexual emotional interest lingerie is also one of their tools for their self -explanatory and confident.


Shanghai has a lot of sexy underwear manufacturers. Their employees usually consume sexy underwear in their lives to show the charm and characteristics of the product, and it is also convenient to understand customer needs.

business man

Shanghai is both a China Economic Center and an important place for international trade.Many business people also buy sexy underwear in addition to business activities to relieve work pressure and enhance self -confidence.

Question theme party enthusiasts

There are many interesting theme parties in Shanghai, and pornographic culture is conveyed between enthusiasts, becoming a large entertainment consumer group.They will buy a variety of sexual emotional lingerie to increase the atmosphere and experience of the party.


Sellers of sexy underwear usually understand more consumers’ needs and tastes in actual contact, so they will also become consumers in this market.To better understand the products and sell better products.


Shanghai’s sexy underwear consumers are mixed, but they all have their own pursuit and demands for life.The market for sex underwear may not be as large as traditional brands, but it also has a wide and deep market foundation in metropolitan in Shanghai.

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